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Bengals First Round Prediction

5 PM, March 30, 2016
Article by Jacob Geiser

With the 24th pick the Bengals select...

Who will they pick? The dust has settled with the signing of free agents, for the most part. They are close to signing former Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell, adding to a now thin receiver group. They signed former Brown Karlos Dansby to a deal this week. Adding to a deep linebacker group. 

The key losses in free agency have been Marvin Jones and Mohammed Sanu. Jones signed with the Lions and Sanu with the Falcons. That hurts the receiver group, but also may give a clearer picture as to what they will do with the 24th pick in the draft. Even if they sign LaFell, they still need to add depth to that spot.

The NFL Draft will have plenty of receivers this year, many who can be seen as first round picks. The inspiration for this article was Laquon Treadwell. Treadwell just had his pro day at Ole Miss. He has been seen as a guy who can go in the top 10 or maybe the top 20. That took a bit of a hit this past week with a bad 40 yard dash time at his pro day. He ran a 4.63 (unofficial) which has drawn a red flag for some NFL scouts. Following the workout, he told reporters he had scheduled workout with the Bengals. If he falls that far to the 24th pick, and that is still a big if, will the Bengals take him? 

With that question on the table, I'll dive in to which wide receivers could end up in Cincy. (Each players draft profile is linked to their name) 

Laquon Treadwell: Ole Miss (Jr)
What would Treadwell bring to the table for the Bengals? Another deep threat next to AJ Green for starters. During his time at Ole Miss he was their sure fire, go to guy. He has great height and length, which is similar to AJ Green. He is very good at winning 50-50 passes, along with coming back on a ball if its under or over thrown. With Dalton's history of inaccuracy (not as bad this past year) that could be a nice feature to his game. A big weakness as to why he has fallen is the speed. He won't make the corners fear him as much with his speed. He isn't strong at dealing with press coverage which may need to change once he gets into the NFL. I think if he falls to the Bengals, it could be a toss up. I'm no NFL scout but I think Treadwell's upside is big. One thing I like about Jones was that he was a fast wide receiver who was deadly in space. I think the Bengals need someone like that to fill that void. I don't think he will fall that far but who knows. Treadwell having a workout with the Bengals is a sign that he is on their radar. 

Will Fuller: Notre Dame (Jr)
I love what Will Fuller can bring to the field. It is very biased, but I'm a fan. Watching him play at Notre Dame only made it more biased. Fuller has blazing speed and is a vertical threat as well. The Bengals have AJ Green as a deep threat, but Green is also good in the short passing game. Fuller was more of a deep threat/big play guy at Notre Dame, which is fine by me. He can get respect from corners with his speed and ability to go deep. It can free up guys in the slot, or even a guy like Green. He isn't the most reliable when it comes to hands though, and may not be as durable as some other past receivers. He has been known to use his body to catch the ball a little more than scouts would like. However, you come back to his speed and his deep threat. After reading the scouting report, the scouts love his speed and I understand why. I think if he is around long enough to be in the Bengals sights they may snatch him up. I think the Bengals should go with Fuller or Treadwell. Both will be good additions to the team, but the next two guys are interesting receivers to talk about. 

Corey Coleman: Baylor (Jr)
Coleman is a junior coming out of Baylor. Most football fans know how high octane of an offense Baylor is. Baylor loves to throw the ball and Coleman was one of their top targets. Coleman is another speedy wide receiver who has a lot of vertical potential and a "match up nightmare" for corners. He has been a wide receiver on the Bengals radar according to guys like Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. However, his biggest weakness is his inability to play inside the numbers. He is receiver who tends to play more on the outside but may need to play inside the numbers in the NFL. He isn't the best route runner in the draft and has a tendency to drop passes. Overall, he has good upside and is someone who could be a Bengal if Fuller and Treadwell are off the board. 

Braxton Miller: Ohio State (Sr)
The Ohio native, Braxton Miller has been rumored to be a Bengal. Miller, a quarterback turned wide receiver, may have saved his career by switching. His shoulder problem was the biggest reason as to why he changed positions. I think the most intriguing thing about Miller is the fact that he is unproven. For most, that would be a cause for concern. However, it is something to be excited about. Miller is a crazy athlete who has great speed and hands. He can be a solid vertical target. Also, he can be a pretty good wide receiver in the short to medium passing range. The alarming weakness is he relies too much on his athleticism. He is a one year wide receiver and is lacking the tools and skill at the position. Athleticism can only get you so far, see Denard Robinson. I don't think he is someone the Bengals draft in the first round, therefore most likely not a Bengal but you never know. 

Josh Doctson: TCU (Sr)
The TCU wide receiver had a very good senior year as Trevone Boykin's favorite target. He has been linked to the Bengals in early mock drafts. Not as much anymore. He has the capability to be a number one wide receiver at some point in his career. He isn't the fastest wide receiver in the draft. He is another wide receiver who can run good deep routes and change directions very well. He is a trustworthy target who can secure catches not only in traffic, but contact. One of his weaknesses is his strength. He needs to add more muscle to his body. Scouts have said he needs to become a better blocker to be a more successful wide receiver. The biggest thing scouts rave about is his ability to find a ball and win the jump ball. He won't be a guy who makes a splash right away, but in years 2 and 3 can be something special. I don't know if he has first round potential, but we will have to wait and see. 

For Bengals fans, all we can do is wait and see who they pick with the 24th pick overall. Who Dey.