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A-Rod is Going to be on Reality TV, and I am Pumped

posted Jan 17, 2017, 11:43 AM by Austin James
Yes! Genius idea by CNBC to give A-Rod his own show. Put the most un charismatic and awkward superstar in sports history on reality TV and its bound to be a success. I mean I guess there is no better fix for a crippling inability to hold a decent press conference than to host reality TV. 

The show will be featuring former athletes who have gone broke and are struggling to rebuild their wealth, so naturally financial guru, Alex Rodriguez, was a great choice for a host. I'm really hoping I get to see a Harvard business school grad come on to give someone advice and just put A-Rod in a pretzel.

I really can't wait to see A-Rod go to Johnny Football's house and tell him to do more autograph signings so he can pay for his trips to the club. Can you imagine that episode of reality TV? A-Rod and Johnny are like oil and water.

Also, I wonder if his steroid guy will be following him around while he is hosting.

I've never been this pumped for a reality TV show. I need this thing on Netflix immediately after it airs. IMMEDIATELY.