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Aftermath of UC's loss to Houston

posted Sep 16, 2016, 9:37 AM by Jacob Geiser
I had the feeling all the way up until about the 9:50 mark in the 4th quarter that UC could've pulled off the upset. I really did. It was one of those games where things just kept going UC's way. The timely turnovers and big penalties against Houston. It was all there...

Then it wasn't. In the blink of an eye the game had changed. It was at one point 16-12 in the 4th quarter. It ended up being 40-16.

Well that escalated quickly...

The score doesn't really reflect how close of a game it was. UC had Houston on the ropes, but it doesn't matter. UC lost, and now they have to bounce back. The season is far from over and this team has the chance to make it a special season.

There is one really big problem with the loss, and it was the style of offense. The defense was bend don't break. They gave up a ton of yards but they did everything in their power to keep Houston out of the endzone. They played a great game. I have to tip my hat to them. UC is forcing turnovers and that is something that is a huge improvement from last season. But UC's offense just couldn't get anything going. Part of it was field position. UC's D held Houston from scoring for most the second half but UC was pinned back deep in their territory and they couldn't do much. Hayden Moore looked good, then he imploded. The balance wasn't there. Houston knew the pass was coming when they went up 26-16. Boom pic 6, then follow that with another one.

UC can't afford to do what it did anymore. There was no way UC was going to contain Houston and Greg Ward all game long and that is when the offense needs to do its job. The D did theirs, the offense just couldn't do much. UC's offense is not a bad offense, but in a big game like that. One side of the ball did their job and the other struggled. Houston is by far the top tier team in the AAC. The Cougars won game one, but there will be a game two down the line. The favorite to win the AAC East is probably USF, but UC isn't that far behind them. The Bulls come to Clifton in two weeks, meaning another big game coming to Nippert. 

Still, I loved what I saw for 3/4th of the game. The defense has improved tremendously giving me hope that UC has the potential to be an all-around solid team. Antonio Kinard showed me a lot in last nights loss. 18 total tackles and one sack is impressive. What makes it even better is that he only had 8 in the previous two games. He stepped up when the team needed him which is important. Nate Cole continues to impress me as the #1 target for Hayden Moore in 3rd down situations. Juco transfer Devin Gray has also impressed me. They have the talent to be successful in the American. The season is far from over, it doesn't seem as doom and gloom as it was last year.

Sure my start to my pick em didn't go so well, but like myself, the Bearcats will bounce back.