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An Open Letter to Grayson Allen

posted Jan 10, 2017, 7:27 PM by Austin James   [ updated Jan 10, 2017, 7:27 PM ]

I am a big get right to the point guy, so here we go: get your act together. I'm not talking about the tripping or the temper-tantrum (which I still believe was calculated), because I'm down with all that. Every great Duke team has the villain that everyone loves to hate but secretly wishes they played for their school. Laettner, Reddick, Paulis, Sheyer all go down as legendary Blue Devils, but they were the scourge of the Earth to everyone outside the Cameron Crazy bubble. Keep the hate pouring, Duke fans eat it up. But for God's sake man, you can't keep losing games. Make no mistake, there is a reason that the suspension ended right before Coach K left. This team needs a leader. No disrespect to Coach Capel, but Oklahoma is not Duke, and he has never been in any situation even comparable to his current one. You actually have one of the most talented teams of all time (granted I stand by my take that Giles actually looks like a scared puppy on the court), so losing two games to anyone that is not UK or UNC is not gonna fly. You actually have a 12-pack of McDonalds All-Americans behind you. You win a title, thats all anyone wants, and it cures all the bad PR. Get the team together and you won't lose a game for the rest of the season.

A Concerned Fan