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Anyone Who Would Take Trubiski Before Watson Is a Moron

posted Jan 12, 2017, 6:43 PM by Austin James   [ updated Jan 13, 2017, 6:40 AM ]
Just over 100 days out from the NFL Draft, Mitch Trubiski is still listed as the top QB prospect in this years draft class. He has all of the physical attributes to be a star and may have a successful NFL career, but anyone who would take him above newly crowned national champion Deshaun Watson is a moron. It likely that we are going to see both go within the first three picks as the Browns, 49ers, and Bears all need QBs. All three teams are going to look at Turbisky and see you prototypical NFL QB, very similar to Andrew Luck; however, as of late, these kinds of QBs aren't the ones that have been successful.

Starting with Russell Wilson, the NFL has seen more and more that QBs who knew how to win in college and have attributes to adjust to the league are more successful than the perfect NFL prospects. I'm not saying these categories are mutually exclusive, as Cam Newton and Carson Wentz certainly were near perfect draft prospects, but we have seen success from guys who know how to win.

Cam Newton jumped in to a struggling Panthers team and gave them something to build around. Dak Prescott got thrown into a situation where he has a dominant O-line but a broken skill group and managed to pull it together. Carson Wentz got shoved into a starting role in Philly and managed to scrape a few wins out. Whats the common denominator? These players learned how to lead a team to success in college, and Deshaun Watson showed that time and time again in his college career. 

However, some of the better prospects who have had less success in college, such as Jared Goff or Paxton Lynch struggled to adjust to leading a professional football team. I think Trubisky is the next name on this list. He hasn't really impressed me, and he's had some nice talent to work with in Chapel Hill. Watson has all of the attributes necessary to be successful and has shown he can perform much more consistently and on much bigger stages than Trubisky. He is a big frame with a good arm who has the potential to work outside the pocket and possibly a bit in the run game (remind you of anyone?).

But of course, there is a reason we see the same few teams at the top of the draft every year. So good luck in Cleveland or San Fran or Chicago Mitch, hope you can beat the statistics and last longer than 1.5 seasons.