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Are You Really Suprised?

posted Sep 28, 2016, 12:59 PM by Austin James
As you have probably heard, Tim Tebow homered in his first at bat today in the instructional league. He set the world on fire with one swing of the bat. Tebow mania is back, and I love it.

But the question is, are you really surprised by this at all? This is the same Tim Tebow who put a halo over Mile High Stadium, shocker he went yard on the first pitch. Tebow is going to be inexplicably great at whatever he does. It's just in his nature. If he got called up right now onto the Met's, he'd probably bat about a .050 in innings 1-8, and then an .800 in the ninth and lead them in a playoff run built on walk off home runs from his bat. This is just what he does. He isn't conventional, but dammit he gets results.

We, as sports fans, should expect this. We saw what he did in college and were amazed. We saw him have inexplicable and jaw dropping success in the pro's before his fall from grace. Why would you be surprised that he is having success in another sport for no other reason than that he is Tim Tebow.