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Bama: A USC Coaching Graveyard

posted Sep 6, 2016, 9:00 PM by Austin James
It was a bit surprising when Alabama hired Lane Kiffin as the offensive coordinator. He had brought about the destruction of the football program at Tennessee and wasn't able to bring back the program at USC; however, he has thrived under Saban in Tuscaloosa. Well, the Crimson Tide are at it again. They have reportedly hired ex-USC head coach Steve Sarkisian as an offensive analyst.

Thats right, this is the same Steve Sarkisian who was fired for being drunk pretty much the entire time he was at USC. Even before that, his drinking was apparently a running joke at Washington. According to the New York Times one former Huskie said he would show up to morning meetings looking "like he's been on a bender." When I heard that he was leaving Washington and heading to USC, I was excited for the Trojans. I thought he would be good for more than just the bar industry in Los Angles, and boy was I wrong.

Despite all of this; however, football genius and head of the most dominant program in the country Nick Saban has decided he is going to help the Crimson Tide on their quest for yet another national championship. Listen, if the decision involves football, I'm siding with Saban. The man was put on this Earth to win rings, and he's probably looking at his easiest route ever to an SEC title after their poor week one showing, not to mention a national title.

Interesting Note: Lane Kiffin had a nice moment leaving Cowboy stadium, tossing some candy to some petulant USC fans who were a bit angry he had just put up 56 points on his former team.