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Belichick Being Belichick

posted Jan 16, 2017, 2:39 PM by Austin James
So yesterday after their win in Kansas City, Antonio Brown was broadcasting live on Facebook in the locker room while Mike Tomlin was spouting off about the Patriots. Tomlin's speech wasn't exactly TV appropriate, but it wasn't anything you wouldn't expect from a post-game speech. He was firing the team up for their trip to New England next week.

Despite how normal this may seem to some people, it has been a non-stop topic of conversation in the sports world today. But, no matter how many people are talking about it, there is one person who doesn't care, and that person is Bill Belichick. And this isn't a shocker; he has never been friendly to the press, and has never taken kindly to media attention. But, his quote on this one was an all-timer.

I actually expected Belichick not to know about any form of social media, but I love to hear it from the horses mouth. You want to know how to win five Super Bowls? Eat, sleep, and breathe football. That's what Belichick does, and that is why he has his team in the best situation to win a sixth Super Bowl.