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Bengals at Steelers, Best ESPN Facebook Comments

posted Sep 14, 2016, 12:29 PM by Austin James   [ updated Sep 14, 2016, 12:47 PM ]
Article by Dominic Lynd
One of my favorite pastimes as a sports fan is to read some ESPN Facebook comments on the preview for a rivalry/big game. A lot of interesting information and very friendly banter are tossed around in the comment section, where some of the brightest sports minds live. The best part of this is how pointless it is to comment on these previews. What difference is it going to make? None. They comment for the love of the game, and the hatred of the opponent.

Kevin Wright ·

Administrative Assistant at Procter and Gamble

Watch and see the refs will throw flags all over the field against the Bengals and make them lose. I guarantee you that. Just because the Steelers have much more fan based.

Lawrance Beasley ·

Works at Retired

That would be much more convincing if the refs didn't throw twice as many flags against PIT last year as CIN. It would be a nice change of pace for the refs to actually flag Cincy for once.

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Mike Henneman ·

Clincal Database Administrator Team Lead atOhioHealth

Lawrance Beasley you are kidding right??????????

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Lamont Anderson

Mike Henneman obvisouly he's a shitsburg fan. #WHODEY

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The Steelers getting more calls because they have a larger fanbase. That’s a conspiracy I’m going to start investigating.

Craig Garner

They did what the were supposed to do beat a struggling team convincingly on the road. Unlike your team , who was fortunate to win because Fitzpatrick went Fitzpatrick. You might want to get an O-line before they get Dalton killed.

This Steelers fan is pointing out that their win on the road against an admittedly struggling (struggling in week one after making the playoffs last year?) team was a better win than the Bengals win over a quality team on the road. He’s got this NFL thing down.

David Lozano ·

Las Vegas, Nevada

Steelers offence look great brown was a crazy on the field 31- 20 steelers

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Steelers fan in Sin City chimes in on the Steelers high-powered offence. Hopefully for the Bengals Antonio Brown won’t be a crazy on the field Sunday.

Danny Gillis

This wil be a grate game.Ilike the Steeis but Bengals by 3

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Bengals-27 Steeis-24

Carol Stein

Both coaches need to meet and make it fully understood that these teams are destroying each other and giving the crown to some other team. A bad hit, and they are out for the game. Both teams were better than the Broncos. Brown 9njury cost Steelers that game. These teams should never play in December. Give them a month to recover before the playoffs.

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We need the Steelers and Bengals to play before December in case somebody gets hurt.

Sean Daugherty

Area Director at AmeriGas Propane

It won' be a blow out but Steelers will more than cover. The 3.5 spread is dis-respectful. I say Steelers 27-17 over the Bungles.

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Mike Henneman ·

Clincal Database Administrator Team Lead atOhioHealth

disrespectful in the NFL? Don't think so, you apparently don't watch these two go at it.

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No disrespect in the NFL. These are grown men who hit hard.

Nick Roberts ·


This game means nothing, simply Game 2 in a 16 game season. The real winner of this game will be the team with the least players on IR afterward... just ask Mr. "Dope Man" Bell. Whoops. He and Mr. Burfict get to watch.

Wins and losses basically don’t even count until at least week 6. It’s not like every week is vital to put yourself in position to win the division or secure the wildcard. Mr. Dope Man Bell and Mr. Burfict know this because they’re sitting out, even if it’s not for injury.

Great stuff coming from both fan bases here. This really got me excited for the game, and it got me ready to analyze the action on the field with all the great info.