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Bengals need to figure it out

posted Oct 13, 2016, 11:08 AM by Jacob Geiser
I am normally a guy who doesn't want to jump to conclusions early in a season. However, the Bengals aren't doing themselves any favors. I know that and we all know that. Sitting at 2-3 and 3rd in the AFC North, the Bengals can't afford many losses from here on out. It doesn't get any easier this weekend.

Cincinnati travels to New England to face Tom Brady and the Patriots. It is Tom's first game at home this season, so this could go one of two ways. He has an average day and the Bengals can hang around and maybe come out of Week 6 winners... or Brady just goes off because why not. I really hope the Bengals D gets it figured out because it could be another long game this weekend. The Bengals haven't faired well in Foxborough as of late. They haven't won in Foxborough since 1986, and are 2-8 all-time when they play the Pats on the road. History isn't on the Bengals side as of now, but when has it ever?

The Bengals are going to need to figure it out real quick or getting back to the playoffs could be an issue. The Steelers have a commanding lead in the division, Baltimore isn't a pushover like the past few season, and well the Browns... Not worried about them too much. The Wild Card is probably going to be the Bengals best bet of getting back to the playoffs. Before I even talk about that, they need to figure some stuff out.

The offensive line has looked brutal. I don't think Dalton has had more than a second to throw the ball. Every time he drops back the pocket seems to collapse on him. When that happens, you got Bengals "fans" taking to Twitter to rip on Dalton. I'm sorry but you all need to go. He is the franchise QB, deal with it. McCarron isn't getting playing time unless Dalton gets hurt again. People are quick to forget that he was an MVP player last season before that injury, and I'm 100% sure if he is healthy they go far in the playoffs. So people can shut up about Dalton. If they can't protect Dalton better, this could end up being a lost season for the Bengals.

The running game has been almost nonexistent, aside from a few big runs it hasn't been there. For this team to be more successful, opposing defenses need to fear you running the ball. That hasn't been the case for the Bengals this season. That needs to change really soon.

I am not worried about the defense, they will figure it out. If not, Burfict may rip someones head off if they don't figure there shit out. I think the defense has a lot to prove this weekend after a disappointing game against Dallas. That will make for an interesting battle. Tom Brady is out for blood after Goodell pissed him off with the ridiculous 'Deflategate' blunder. The Bengals D is out to show everyone that they are the same defense as last season.

There are still 11 games left, but each game counts the rest of the way. It is time to figure it out.