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Bracketology: Our Teams'

posted Mar 2, 2017, 9:52 AM by Jacob Geiser
This post will mark the end of the 1 month and 5 day hiatus of no new content being posted to BSN. Oh my we are killing it over here.

BSN has a good variety of teams that we root for. We got UC, UK, South Carolina, Xavier and the Bobcats. Most of these teams, will be dancing. Who needs to Joe Lunardi when you have Bolt? I look into their last few games and preview their respected conference tournaments.

#18 Cincinnati: 25-4 (14-2) RPI:15
Cincinnati is a lock to dance this season. In the American, solid wins are hard to come by and that will effect UC's seeding. UC will most likely end up being a 5, but could end up being a 4 seed. If Cincinnati wins out, including the AAC Tournament, that will give them at least 3 more wins against Top 50 RPI teams. Houston has played their way into that grouping. Those 6 wins could go a long way in the committee's eyes. Cincinnati squares off with Houston on Senior Night and the last game in 5/3 for Caupain, Johnson, and Tobler. As well as Clark, Washington and #QuadSquad. Then a date with UConn and its seniors on their Senior Day on Sunday. UC should finish the regular season at 27-4 (16-2). UC earned the #2 seed in the AAC Tournament and it honestly my be for the best. SMU, UConn, and UCF will all be on the other side of the bracket.

Why does this matter? Well UConn is UConn. In March, they could be 9-20 and still find a way to make it to the tournament. I don't know how but that team just plays really good basketball in March. Considering the tournament is hosted in 1 of the 2 arenas UConn plays their home games in... I'll pass. SMU on the other bracket will give UC the potential to square up in a rubber match, for all the marbles. SMU/UC for a chance to move up to a 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament will be on the line. UCF has given UC bigs fits, well Tacko Fall at least. I'm cool with them getting beat by UConn or SMU. The only real challenge on UC's side would be the #3 seed Houston. Sign me up.

#9 Kentucky: 25-5 (15-2) RPI: 8
Kentucky is dancing again this season, what is new. After a win on Senior Night vs. Vandy, Kentucky is rolling. Their last home game is at Texas A&M on Saturday. UK is looking more and more like a 2 seed. If they just take care of business they will most likely earn themselves a 2 seed. UK could however maybe pull of a 1 seed if a team collapses or just doesn't get the job done. Odds are though this team will be a 2 seed.

When it comes to the SEC tournament, UK needs to worry about 2 teams. Florida and South Carolina. Florida has already beaten UK once, and played them tight until it became the Malik Monk show. UK has scared some people with their play against some of the weaker teams in the SEC. However, I wouldn't worry about them to much.

South Carolina: 22-8 (12-5) RPI: 29
The Gamecocks will be dancing in 2 weeks. Unlike last season, their will be no end of the season train wreck. Only one game left as well for the Gamecocks as they square off with the Ole Miss Rebels. South Carolina predicted by most Bracketologists to be a 7 seed, but I think they will fall to the 8 seed. 

I think the Gamecocks could be bounced early from the SEC Tournament, don't see it happening but they won't win. I think teams on the 8-9 line (Xavier), could play up a few seeds due to potential wins over top RPI teams. Regardless, their shouldn't be any worrying for our boys Tito and Ben down in Columbia.

Xavier: 18-12 (8-9) RPI: 36
What was supposed to be other magical season didn't really turn out that way for the Musketeers. Xavier has gone 4-5 since the Crosstown Shootout, and has lost key players along the way. Sumner went down with a gruesome injury, Bluiett hurt his ankle and missed some games. This team just hasn't been clicking this season. Xavier with their last loss to Marquette has dropped them into the Last 4 In according to Lunardi.

If I'm a Xavier fan I'm nervous. They are trending downward and a bad loss to DePaul this coming Saturday could be the final blow to Xavier this season. I don't think Xavier will lose to DePaul, but they are struggling. I think for them to be "safe" may be winning a few games in the Big East Tournament. Xavier's got more work to do than most people may have thought. I still don't think they will completely collapse and miss the dance. Xavier is looking more and more like than 10 seed or 9 seed who could do some damage if they right the ship within the next two weeks. The talent is there to get hot but it needs to start now or Xavier may miss the dance.

Ohio: 18-10 (10-7) RPI: 124
Oh the Bobcats. They have some work to do. Ohio's season had all signs pointing to a NCAA berth. MAC POY Antonio Campbell. Campbell averaged 16.4 ppg. He only played 14 games then went down with a broken foot. To show you how much he meant to the team, no one has matched his average of leading scorer. Jarron Simmons is now the teams leading scorer averaging 15.5. OU is your typical Mid-Major team, lives and dies by the 3. If they are hitting they are lethal, if not they are just average.

With one remaining game at Miami (OH), they will be the #3 seed in the MAC tourney. The one thing benefiting OU is that the MAC is wide open. As my good friend Donovan Hester once said, "It is the wild west out there." Anyone can win. That is why I won't count them out. Everything is on the line for OU when they head to Cleveland for the MAC Tournament.