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BSN Doppelgängers

posted Jan 4, 2017, 12:17 PM by Austin James   [ updated Jan 10, 2017, 2:47 PM ]
Article by Jacob Geiser

If any of BSN's loyal viewers have learned is that the website is based off of how much I look like the animated dog Bolt. Friends, family and teachers have told me how I look like him which I still do this day don't see but oh well. In the popular TV Show, How I Met Your Mother, they are constantly seeing people who look similar to the 5 main people in the show. Their doppleganger's are spread out throughout the 9 seasons. We all know it is just them acting it out but in real life however, there are some actual dopplegangers. In fact, BSN has some pretty solid ones for their staff.

During last night's Rose Bowl, it was brought to my attention that I happened to look like USC QB Sam Darnold. How much alike is what is really creepy to me...

Sam Darnold/Jacob 'Bolt' Geiser 
Doppleganger Scale: 1-10: 9.2

The picture may not be the best comparison but when I look at that picture of Darnold I just see me for some reason. Thanks to Brady Goins, Matt Wall, Brad James and the Mean Machine boys for mentioning it to me because its spot on. So spot on that I'm thinking of just getting some USC stuff/Darnold jersey and go around telling people how I am the starting QB at USC and just set a record for most TD'S in the Rose Bowl (5). He is a freshmen so that also helps out my case. The height, weight and body build may be different but I can convince people no worries. This is so much better than a cartoon dog, I'm pumped. Scale of 1-10, this doppleganger has to be at least a 9.2. Hair parts a different way, the mole on his face are the only things that are different. We rock the same dope hair style, looks like the wave hair style is catching on. This is so legit it scares me. 

Lord Farquaad/Austin 'Tito' James
Doppleganger Scale: 1-10: 8.5

This is one of my favorites. Tito's hair and Farquaad's hair is so spot on. Tito's hair bundles up like Farquaad's at the back of the neck. It is really the only thing that you can connect the two together but it is good enough. However, the movie has similarities between characters. Lord Farquaad was dead set on Princess Fiona being his true love, didn't turn out that way because Shrek swooped in got Fiona. Tito had found his love, then lost her and someone else swooped in... I mean come on people, just connect the dots here. I would give the Farquaad-Tito doppleganger a rating of 8.5. For a guy who prides himself on his hair, I think we should judge his hair stronger than other features. I didn't even mention the beard stubble and very similar eye brows. It is no Darnold-Geiser connection but this is just as good. I think you can make a case for this doppleganger to better than Geiser-Bolt. 

Ellen DeGeneres/Donovan Hester
Doppleganger Scale: 1-10: 7.5

Next up is Donovan. If you were lucky enough to follow mine and Donovan's historic run as greatest co-editor's in Purple Quill history, you know that his doppleganger is Ellen DeGeneres. No one knows why other than the hair. No one else knows where or who started saying it but because it is Donovan it just clicks. Hester has embraced the role if you ask me. He starred as Ellen in the pep rally video made for the Elder-Colerain playoff game. Skip to about the 58 second mark to catch him in action. He did a solid job, his acting skills make connecting the dots even easier. Their humor, hair and ability to act are similar enough to earn the DeGeneres-Hester doppleganger a 7.5.

Steve Burns/ Dominic Lynd
Doppleganger Scale: 1-10: 4.5

This one is a stretch but when I saw it I just had to go with it. Dominic tried to spin that he looked like Tom Cruise and a mix of Leonardo DiCaprio, kinda called BS not going to lie Dom. I just get this vibe from the once Blue's Clues star Steve Burns. I think the nose and that smirk of a smile can be connected to a look-alike, plus the hair. The perfect doppleganger would be anybody who loves trolling fan bases because that would fit Dominc to a T. Dom is BSN's very own troll specialist. Takes a lot of heat from people and It doesn't even phase him. I bet Steve didn't let the haters of Blue's Clues stop him from being the star that he was. The rating is going to be low, I give it at best a 4.5.

2017 is going to be when BSN makes the big time, no doubt about it.