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Christian McCaffrey is My Road To Glory Guy

posted Sep 16, 2016, 6:14 AM by Austin James   [ updated Sep 16, 2016, 6:15 AM ]
Remember on the NCAA Football video games how you could create a player, get recruited, pick your college, and go win Heismans? My forte was always creating the 5'10'', 210 pound running back who was a brick-shithouse and could outrun everybody on the field. I made sure he was a duel threat guy who could come out of the back field in the passing game and also return punts and kicks. My player was pretty much a threat no matter where you put him on the field. Well, after last year's Rose Bowl I realized that this my player does exist, and his name is Christian McCaffrey.

Like most football fans on Eastern Standard Time, I didn't catch many Stanford games during the season. I kept hearing McCaffrey's name, but only saw him play a couple times, so I didn't know how dominant he really was. However, I didn't miss a minute of the Rose Bowl. It was the single greatest middle finger to the Heisman committee I've ever seen. If you let him touch the ball, he was scoring. Then I realized, he is actually my Road To Glory Player from NCAA -- and the crazy thing is, he had better stats.

Listen, the fact that McCaffrey didn't win the Heisman last year is a crime against humanity, but it wouldn't be that big of a deal if he graduated last year. The craziest part of him not getting the Heisman is that he has to have the same season he did last year to win it this year. Now usually this might be a given, but now he has to tie or beat a bunch of single season NCAA records, which are his. As a "Big J" journalist would say, he just has to have the best statistical season in the history of college football again, and then he should win it.