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Congrats Ernie! You're the first ever token White Guy

posted Jan 19, 2017, 9:44 AM by Austin James
So obviously the NBA on TNT crew has been around for a long time, but I noticed something yesterday when the post-game show came on after a 2K16 game. Ernie Johnson is a token white guy, and I think he's the world's first. He serves absolutely no purpose on that show other than to take them in and out of commercial.

Not to mention the dude is an absolute squid. Ernie is like the absolute extreme when it some to weird grandparents who try to fit in with younger people. He's way past the sweet spot where it's kind of funny when your grandma can't work Facetime; he's full blown embarrassing. Also, he might have the worst anecdotes to start shows or segments that I've ever seen. "Greetings, I don't usually say that, but I just did." (I know thats in 2K17, but it was taken from a live broadcast.)

To be honest, I don't know why TNT even feels like they need him, or anyone else for that matter, in that seat. TNT never does any of the big time match-ups, and the majority of their games don't matter. So, why not spike up the ratings by just letting Shaq host the show. He understands how to be funny and works well with other people on set. The man is goofy and he knows it and that makes for great ratings. I'd tune in just for the pre-game/post-game if he hosted. Get Ernie out of here, who doesn't love Shaq?

Also, lets bring back that Shaq VS. show - great television.