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Grayson Allen from the Top Rope

posted Jun 23, 2017, 1:01 PM by Jacob Geiser
I'm not a big Grayson Allen fan. Like at all. I think he is a dirty player who whines about every no call or foul he commits. But...

I'm a fan of his ability to troll the shit out of the Big Baller Brand. I was scrolling through twitter and I see him just come out of the rafters to put Lavar Ball and company in a damn body bag.

Alright Grayson, I see you. I still don't like you as a basketball player whatsoever but I do think I can get used to you pulling stunts like this on twitter. Taking shots at the Big Baller Brand has been a running theme for many basketball players, both at the pro and collegiate levels. The only reason I like this tweet and move on his part is because I think 99.9% of the country is in the same boat as Allen when it comes to the Big Baller Brand.

You got to do what you got to do to get people to stop hating you. If this is his way of making up the ground he lost from all the tripping incidents and crying like a spoiled 5 year old who didn't get a toy at the toy store... I can get on board with that.