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Harbaugh Just Making Harbaugh Moves

posted Sep 20, 2016, 9:08 AM by Austin James
Jim Harbaugh has outdone himself with his most recent endorsement. He has recently become a spokesperson for FairLife milk, and he is featured in their most recent commercial. The commercial (see below) is set around Harbaugh watching film of his family around the house. He talks about how he loves the milk because his kids are more productive, and it has reduced sugar so he can fit into his "old armor". The commercial is a smash hit.

He does it again. The thing about this commercial is that I don't doubt for a second that Harbaugh runs his house like the Harbaugh in the commercial. I mean he might not watch tape on his kids, but I guarantee the word "productivity" comes up in every conversation he has with his kids. He doesn't allow deadweight in his program, and he sure as hell isn't allowing it in the home. No doubt, he is just as intense at home in real life as he is in this commercial, and I think thats what makes it so great. You could tell me this was a reality show about his family and I'd probably buy it.

And it is such a Harbaugh move to do a commercial for a milk brand. Harbaugh's demeanor just screams that he is a huge milk guy. I love this ad, just the latest in a series of classic Harbaugh moves.

FairLife Milk Commercial