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Hard work and dedication paying off for Kilpatrick

posted Sep 20, 2016, 5:12 PM by Jacob Geiser
After earning a 3 year deal with two years guaranteed of being on the Nets, Kilpatrick has some security in his life. In fact, his success has paid off on the court and off. SK has signed a shoe deal with And1.

It isn't Nike or Adidas, but it is something Kilpatrick should be proud of. I like the design, especially staying true to his alma mater with the colors chosen for the shoe. Kilpatrick's new shoe means people are starting to recognize how his work ethic has helped him fulfill the dream of playing the NBA.

The guy has been getting overlooked his entire career. I was a big Sean Kilpatrick fan while he was a Bearcat. It was honestly very hard not to like the guy. His impact on the University of Cincinnati's basketball program was, and still is tremendous.

I mean, there are only two people in school history to score over 2,000 points. Oscar Robertson and you guessed it, Sean Kilpatrick. That is pretty damn impressive. I believe his jersey number should be retired. I really do. Think of all the guys who have come through that program; Kenyon Martin, Jack Twyman, Steve Logan, Danny Fortson, and so many more. Only "The Big O" and SK have scored that many points. I think that is worth retiring his number while at the school. Only Roberston, Twyman, and Martin have their numbers retired. SK's should be coming soon, at least that is my opinion.

However, I'm just here to talk about his success as a Brooklyn Net. He averaged roughly 20 minutes per game, scoring about 12 a game. He shot at an impressive clip; 46%. Not bad at all. Just watch this highlight reel, I think you will walk away impressed with Kilpatrick's play. 
I'm a huge fan of course, whenever I play 2K I tend to play with the Nets and see how many I can score with him. You can bet the Jordan player of the game is Sean Kilpatrick. I can't wait to see what Kilpatrick has in store for his fans with the NBA season right around the corner. 

Sean Kilpatrick Highlights