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Hey Jets, Here's an Idea...

posted Oct 18, 2016, 9:13 AM by Austin James
The New York Jets can't seem to do anything right. They have quarterbacks throwing six interceptions and they're losing games by a million to the mediocre tier teams of the NFL. They need to do a 180; not just make changes, they need a complete overhaul. The only issue with this plan is that obviously their front office is too incompetent to put together anything resembling an NFL roster. So my solution, just starting throwing things at the wall until something sticks.

I want to see a four man rotation at quarterback. If you're going to be the only team in the league with four QBs on your active roster, you better use them. I think you Bryce Petty in on first down. He's a dual threat guy, defenses aren't going to know what to expect. You use Fitzpatrick as your second down guy fully expecting an incompletion if he throws, so just hand the ball off. Third down you put in Hackenburg, he is the only one on the roster with a decent arm, so naturally he is your guy when it is inevitably third and 15. What about Geno? He is your battering ram, running the ball every time he steps in the game. You don't need to protect him from injury, he's not helping you by being healthy.

Also, I think you spend a week trying out the triple option in the NFL. You can rotate Geno and Bryce Petty under center, and Jalin Marshall could have a promising one game career as a wing back. I think you reach across the field for your other wing back and throw Darrelle Revis into the backfield. He is being dominated when he is paying defense, so why not try him out on offense.

And I want to see a bunch of special teams gambles out of the Jets. Try for the onside kick out of halftime every once and a while. Catch the other team off guard, and see if you can gain some momentum. And show me a fake punt pass on occasion. I wouldn't be surprised if your punter, Lachlan Edwards, has a better arm than whichever train wreck you have taking snaps. I mean come on, Lachlan just sounds like the name of a kid who won the punt pass and kick contest in high school.

Bottom line, this season isn't gonna end well; its time to make some serious changes.