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I'm Not a Huge Aliens Guy, But We May Be in Trouble Here

posted Oct 18, 2016, 8:08 AM by Austin James
So, this UFO expert just died in Poland, and I'm getting concerned.

Max Spiers, a 39 year old expert on UFO's, was found dead in an apartment in Poland. According to his friends, he was vomiting black liquid when he died, and he passed away shortly after texting his mom that if anything should happen to him, she should make sure to "investigate".

I don't care who you are, this looks really sketchy. Dude just dies, vomiting black liquid. That sounds like a scene from The Strain. He was for sure either an alien or was killed by aliens, and I hope it was the former. Hopefully, this was just the MIB looking out for us and taking out some dangerous life form. However, I'm afraid the most likely case is that this guy knew too much about something so the aliens had to take him out. People are saying this was done by an agency who was trying to cover up aliens; I'm not buying it. If humans killed this guy, they wouldn't have had him spewing black liquid all over the place. If this was done by humans, he would have just disappeared, or got in a car crash, or got poisoned discretely; it wouldn't have been so ugly. In either case, something was going on with this dude.

And, the scariest part is that this dude obviously knew something was coming. He wanted his mom to investigate his death. This was in too deep, and he knew it.

This is also coming off of the heels of a week in August in which three separate herds of animals were killed by lightning strikes. The most recent of which was 19 cows dying in Texas. They all were struck by lightning and died. Another incident involved 300 reindeer in Norway. The last time I checked Santa isn't into mass murder, and when you consider all of these events together it makes you think: what the hell is going on?

On top of all of this we have just recently found a planet, Proxima B, that is able to be inhabited by life forms. Just as all of this is happening, we find this planet when we have been looking for a habitable planet non-stop since we invented telescopes. Maybe these things wanted us to find their planet. Maybe they needed to move their planet closer to try out some Wunder-Waffle type lighting gun on our animals. I don't know, it just seems like an odd coincidence. 

I'm not a huge alien guy. I don't think the moon is a UFO and I don't believe the government is hiding aliens in Area 51, but even the most stubborn doubters have to admit this is weird. I'm just saying that we should probably look into this.