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I'm Officially Hopping on the Zeke Train

posted Sep 8, 2016, 8:47 AM by Austin James   [ updated Sep 8, 2016, 8:49 AM ]
RB Ezekiel Elliot and his signature Crop Top
Cowboys rookie tailback Ezekiel Elliot announced this week that he plans to break Eric Dickerson's rookie rushing record of 1,808 yards, which has stood for 33 years. He has spoken to Dickerson about it, who told him "Good Luck, many have tried; all have failed."

I love it. Elliot is looking at a prime situation for a rookie RB. His starting QB is hurt, so the team will be relying heavily on the run game. Also, the Cowboys have had a top 10 rushing attack for back-to-back years. This guy is ready to go; he has all the talent in the world an is in the perfect situation to succeed. Romo isn't going to be really back into things until at least week 8, giving Elliot time to establish himself as a large part of the offense. And hopefully, if Romo can command a decent passing game, the Cowboys can spread teams out and let Elliots speed go to work.
Eric Dickerson (1983 Rookie Year)

Also, you know Jerry Jones is going to love all of the crop-top mania and showboating that Elliot brings to the table. If Zeke has a good start to the season, he won't be complaining about carries is post-game press conferences. He will get as many touches as he wants. Jerry wants number 21 to be plastered all over the place and become the new flashy face of the franchise; he is going to put Elliot in a position to be an elite NFL running back.

I'm jumping on the train. Ezekiel Elliot is rushing for 1,809 yards in 2016.