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It needs to be Gunner Time

posted Sep 20, 2016, 4:31 PM by Jacob Geiser
After last week's loss to Houston, UC fans all jumped up and wanted a change at QB. At first, I wasn't one of them. I changed my mind.
I like Hayden Moore, he has the intangibles to be a starter quarterback. Just not now though. I know he hasn’t played terrible, but the turnovers are an issue. For a team who has changed drastically in the turnover margin from a year ago, keeping the ball away from the opposing team is even more important. UC was in that game against Houston because of the defense. The offense had no life outside of a few big plays. Moore threw 2 untimely picks that iced the game for Houston.

Move on and give Gunner a chance. He deserves it. He was a star in his first collegiate season at Cincinnati. If he doesn’t get the injury bug, he may be even better. Injuries have derailed his career a bit, but there is time to salvage it. This guy is a 3rd string QB who was on NFL mock draft boards as one of the top QB's this season coming out of a weaker QB class. Give this guy his shot right now Tubs. Miami is a perfect time to do it, let him get back in to a rhythm so he can go out and get revenge against USF at home. It is his senior year, he has battled through so much adversity to ride pine? Not fair in my eyes.

I have watched him on the sidelines. He has handled it with a sense of professionalism you may not have known in Gunner Kiel. We all know his story. Commits to Indiana, then to LSU, and then to Notre Dame and ended up at Cincinnati.

If Hayden doesn't perform against the Redhawks; Kiel must be the next man in. He has the skills to run this offense very well. He still has weapons around him that he can utilize. I don't think it is fair to be so bashful to Moore. However, this is Gunner's last season. He deserves a chance to improve his draft stock and get a chance to continue his dream of playing in the NFL. Moore's time will come, but just not now.