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Joe Weiner's Sports Predictions for 2017

posted Jan 18, 2017, 2:06 PM by Austin James   [ updated Jan 18, 2017, 2:47 PM ]

We're already halfway through this first month of 2017 and so far, we've been blessed with some quality sports entertainment. Hopefully the rest of the year is as exciting as January has been, and I think it will be. So, for absolutely no apparent reason I'm throwing myself to the wolves and coming up ten bold sports predictions for the year of 2017. I'm no Skip Bayless but from my fantasy football record this season (7-6) it's obvious I'm amazing at predicting sporting events and never get anything wrong, so place your bets now. PS there may be some bias in predicting multiple Cincinnati sports teams, but those are the teams I know the most about so back off.

 Cavs and Warriors meet in the finals for a third straight year, Warriors win in 6

Okay this isn't that bold but I'm almost certain we're going to have a third straight finals matchup between these two teams. Lebron will have a couple triple doubles, Curry will be subpar in the Finals because the refs let him get touched, and KD will win the Finals MVP. I know Cleveland isn't the team we saw get beat up by Golden State earlier this week, but The Warriors showed just how unbeatable they are if they're shooting a decent percentage. 

2. The Patriots win Superbowl LI, Tom Brady retires as the best QB ever. 

Don't get me wrong I hate the NFL's power imbalance as much as the next guy, but there is a reason the Patriots are great year after year. They have basically perfected an offensive system with arguably the best QB of all time. I think the Patriots beat the Packers in a dual of smart quarterbacks. Brady turns 40 in August and although he's still considered elite, his age is visible on the field. On top of his numerous records he has 2 MVPs and after this year, 4 Superbowl rings. There's no better way for him to go out. 

3. XU and UC both make the sweet 16.

UC has looked pretty good in a below average league and XU has looked below average in a pretty good league. The crosstown shootout will be interesting and I'll give UC the edge at home. XU is still very dangerous, Sumner and Bluiett are stars and the Musketeers always play well March (with the exception of last year lol). UC will make the sweet 16 because they can defend and for the first time in Cronin's tenure, the can score! Oh, and because Ellis isn't there to sabotaging the team this season. 

4. The Cincinnati Reds will be playing meaningful baseball in late August. 

Yup, you heard me. GABP will be packed in September as the Reds battle for, and very nearly miss the wildcard. The sole reason we'll be in contention is because we got rid of Hoover. Not really but the bullpen will be a lot better. Votto will be in the MVP running, Duvall hits a sophomore slump but is still solid, Phillips leaves, and Pereza becomes a household name in Cincinnati. Oh, and one more thing, the Cubs won't repeat. 

5. The Bengals win a playoff game

Maybe this isn't a prediction as much as it is a fantasy. Marvin has one year left on his contract and luckily for him were going to fix our line in the draft, keep healthy, and win a playoff game. Cincinnati will riot, I'll cry tears of joy, and then we'll probably implode in the divisional round.  The only bad thing is if we do actually win a playoff game I can very easily see Mike Brown signing Marvin to a 30-year deal or something. This season was an absolute fluke but place your dollars on the Bengals coming back strong next year.

6. Penn State wins the big ten, gets in the CFP, and brings home a national championship. 

Image that headline, "Penn State wins it all just 7 years after scandal." Penn State arguably deserved a spot in the playoffs this year and lost an amazing game against USC in the Rose Bowl. Say what you will, but the Nittany Lions are on the rise. Their program has done a complete 180 and it seems like they're bringing in a top recruiting class every year. Oh, and Trace McSorley will be in the Heisman conversation.

7. The Columbus Bluejackets will make the conference finals and lose.

The Bluejackets are having a flat out amazing year. They've spent most of the season with the best record in the league. Sadly, in order to win their conference, they'll have to get through Ovechkin or Crosby. Those two guys will stand in the way of Columbus' Cinderella season. 

8. Conor McGregor goes round three with Diaz and loses.

Gonna just put it out there I'm not a huge UFC guy. I mean I'll watch big fights but as far as the ins and outs of the sport I'm shaky. All I know is McGregor won on a decision which is kinda bull. Diaz obviously matches up with him well and I think a third meeting between them will end in Diaz win. 

9. LA football never wins a Superbowl.

 I absolutely hate the Chargers moving to LA. What a slap in the face to a fan-base that's been supporting the team for over 40 years. All this move does is prove that money talks and runs the league. LA isn't even a football town. Well I hope they're happy having two perpetually awful teams. At least the Rams started there. The Chargers just straight up sold out. If the Bengals left, I'd be furious. This prediction goes beyond 2017. I'm placing my own curse on LA football. The NFL will end, or both teams will leave before either one wins a Superbowl. 

10. Donald Trump wins the presidency. 

Oh wait, lol