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Johnny Manziel Comeback?

posted Jan 23, 2017, 11:41 AM by Jacob Geiser   [ updated Jan 23, 2017, 11:48 AM ]
Johnny Manziel's NFL career was short lived and full of off-field incidents. Everybody knows that. Manziel was on the Browns roster for 2 seasons, and for how successful and electric he was in college, it was disappointing.

I am a Johnny Manziel fan, I loved watching him in college. Manziel tore it up at Texas A&M. Johnny Football was like that player you created in NCAA Football who was 99 overall, could scramble for days and had a cannon for an arm. He was ridiculous. He did so well that he was the first freshmen in College Football history to win the Heisman Trophy. That fame may have contributed to how we have ended up here.

Manziel was your average college kid. He would party like all college kids do, but it just seemed that everyone hated that about him. How you can hate a college kid for partying is beyond me, but that isn't the point. He got a half suspension for signing autographs and accepting money for it. He missed the first half of the Rice game and then came in and proceeded to be Johnny Football, ball out. Johnny Manziel became Johnny Football. I am not the only one who thinks the fame of being 'Johnny Football' contributed to how his football career went after Texas A&M. We do need to appreciated what he did do in college.

Picture via ESPN.
His college stats were impressive. He threw for 7,820 yards and 63 TD's while running for over 2,000 yards and 30 TD's. He led the SEC in completion percentage for the 2 years he was at Texas A&M. He led the NCAA in total touchdowns his freshmen year with 47. He had a 20-6 record as QB1 of the Aggies.

Alcohol and drugs were the reason Manziel's NFL career was short. In and out of rehab, Manziel never got his feet under him in the pros.

Fast forward past the partying and we are here on January 23rd. A few days ago Manziel came out with 2 statements, both hinting at a return to the NFL. The other message was Manziel saying he is sober and done with the pop star life he previously was living in.

One of his most recent Instagram posts was a heartfelt message, and hinting that he is ready to be the QB he once was at Texas A&M.

If you ask me, I believe that Manziel is ready to make football his #1 priority. Whether or not he gets the chance is a different story. I get why someone may not take a chance on him, but I think he deserves one. He was lost, confused and made some mistakes. We all make mistakes, what makes Manziel so much different?

I don't know if the NFL will come calling for Johnny Manziel. If they do, I will be ready to see what he is able to do. He has a lot of people doubting him, but that wouldn't be the first time the kid was doubted in his life. The whole Instagram post was based off him silencing the haters and making everyone pay for what they said.

Manziel will have chances to prove what he is made of. In fact, the Spring League has offered him an invitations to show everyone how he has changed. The Spring League isn't affiliated with the NFL, but according to ESPN and other sources, NFL teams will be sending scouts to check out players. Manziel isn't the only one who is looking at a second chance. Vince Young and Ray Rice were given invitations as well. The league debuts in April, and it will be interesting to see what Manziel will do with the offer.

Obviously the NFL isn't the only option for Manziel. The CFL has expressed that they would love to get Manziel on board and get him back on track. I personally would love to see that. I think Manziel would make everyone look silly, but that is just my opinion. It could be the perfect way to get back on track. If he does well enough who knows the NFL may be calling Johnny Manziel for round 2.

Johnny Football could be done playing football, but if he isn't I hope he proves everyone wrong. Let us all be honest. Who wouldn't want to see this again? Good luck Johnny.

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