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Ju-Co Player is Sorry He KO-ed Referee

posted Sep 12, 2016, 1:54 PM by Austin James
Over the weekend, one Ju-Co player from Southern California unleashed a hay-maker from hell on an unsuspecting official. The player was immediately ejected from the game and then was promptly arrested as a suspect of battery and taken to Ventura County jail. The referee was seen falling to the ground unconscious while trying to break up a fight. You've probably already seen it on Twitter but here is the video anyway:

Ju-Co Player Punches Referee

Now the video is funny, but I really enjoyed his apology. He said he was sorry and didn't mean to hit the official. The player said that he usually hits his helmet when he gets angry and didn't know the official was that close to him. Apparently he saw the referee hit the turf and didn't know who hit him. He says he is truly sorry and will get off without any legal trouble (the ref isn't going to press charges), but he will undoubtedly not be allowed to return to competition for some time.

This is the most ridiculous apology I have ever heard. You're telling me he didn't mean to knock the shit out of that referee; he damn near killed the official. He won't be able to play football for a long time, screw it; Mickey would drop Balboa for somebody with this kind of power. Maybe you tell the referee to take a year off to train and they go toe to toe in the ring for charity. At the end of the day, when this kid returns he won't be called for much.