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Kentucky's Must Win Saturday

posted Sep 21, 2016, 1:44 PM by Donovan Hester
Of course i used the Patty Ice beats USC picture from 2014 with the best uniforms in CFB history.

For those who aren’t aware, there’s not much to look forward to during the Kentucky Wildcats football season. As an avid Kentucky football fan (The few. The proud.) I get to base my level of excitement off what other teams/players I get to see coming into Commonwealth and kick our ass, however, this week is different.

There are three games that I’ve been basing UK’s success off of, and those games are South Carolina, Vandy, and Louisville. I believe that no matter how badly UK gets shit on by teams like Georgia or Tennessee, if we’re competitive/beat those teams I’m pretty fucking content with the year because those are teams recently have been pretty similar to us (forget Louisville this year, they are 1000x better and are going to SMOKE Kentucky this year).

With that being said, we have a monstrous game for the state of Kentucky football and its HC Mark Stoops with the Cocks coming in this weekend.

If you’re bold enough to call yourself a Kentucky fan, you have to be an actual dead person to not be pumped for this game Saturday night. This game will make/probably break this season and its entirety, and that means I’m going to be physically and mentally pooping my pants in Commonwealth Stadium Sat night.

With a win Saturday night, Kentucky is right where they need to be to make an effort at getting 6 wins this seasons. With a loss, you can put a fork in this season and probably Mark Stoops and his plan to turn Kentucky football into something that’s not a steaming pile of horse shit like it currently is. The last years we’ve seen two HUGE Kentucky victories over Cock Nation, and during the games we actually looked like a team that could possibly make some noise during the year (only to absolutely fall to pieces shortly after). Mark Stoops has had Cocky the mascot in his back-fucking-pocket during his tenure at Kentucky, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Wildcats domination over USC Saturday night.

To win, Kentucky HAS to make adjustments on defense. Even though USC’s offense is abysmal, our defense is by far the worst I’ve ever seen on a college football field. We gave up 40+ to New Mexico State for Christ’s sake, that’s inexcusable as an SEC program. FIGURE YOUR SHIT OUT STOOPS. Whether Stoops calls the plays or DJ Elliot, I don’t care as long as we hold USC to under 30 points.

On the other side of the football, with my boy Stephen Johnson taking over for the injured Drew Barker, the Cats have to carry over some of the momentum from last games performance. Although it was fucking NMSU, the Cats were able to move the ball all over the field, and haven’t looked that in sync since the beginning of the Southern Miss game, only before the greatest meltdown in the history of me watching football. We have to be able to run the ball, easier said than done against a brutal USC D, but we have Benny MF Snell now, and along with the regular attack with Stanley Williams and JoJo Kemp (who murdered Steve Spurrier last time the Cocks were in Lex) and on OLine that’s supposed to be improved, we should be able to run for at least 200+. Throw in a guy that everyone is ranting and raving about in Johnson who can also make plays both thru the air and on the ground, a WR core that is the best it’s been in years, and CJ Conrad at TE there is no better time to win than now. And we have got to fucking win or this season is toast.  

I’m a combination of pumped/poopy pants for this game. On one hand, having the opportunity to beat USC and getting to shove it right in Tito’s face would be classic, but a loss with Tito in my city would be disastrous, and the whole season being over week 4 would be pretty fucked too.

I need this Kentucky football win more than anything else in my life right now, which 97% of the times results in utter disappointment and tears. Should be a fun Saturday!

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Cats by 90, Who Dey