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Lunchtime with Bolt: Bearcats, Tito and Toby Flenderson?

posted Jan 19, 2017, 10:30 AM by Jacob Geiser
New thread alert!!! Lunchtime with Bolt will be a daily thing (hopefully) talking about 3 things that I want to talk about. First 2 will be sports related, and that 3rd point will be random coming out of left field. It could be anything it is a total wild card. So lets eat!

Bearcats Dog Bone

Dan Hoard wrote a story last week following UC 66-64 win over SMU about a locker room motivation tool. A dog bone... Here is a little excerpt from Hoard's story on
"We all know that coaches will resort to just about anything to motivate their teams.

But a giant dog bone?
Mick Cronin is using one this season to emphasize a team motto.

“The bone is with us in the locker room and at team meetings,” Cronin told me. “‘The hungry dog gets the bone’ is a favorite saying of mine. The team that is really ready to scrap and fight for the food in the alley like the hungry dog is going to get the bone.”

I had a feeling Mick does something like this but I can't stress this enough, this is such a Mick move. I respect Barstool Sports and all that the Pardon My Take boys do for America, there 'Football Guy' segment and award is one of my favorites. So I'm not going to say this is a 'Basketball Guy' move, but it is a Basketball Guy move. Nothing brings a metaphor to life like bringing out a huge dog bone. I love it. Gives the guy some motivation to play good defense, like it is really needed though. I picture Cronin just making them run gassers if they give up more than 70 points a game, hell even 60. But here is how the dog bone works, according to senior Kevin Johnson.
"It’s a big bone and whenever we win a game, whoever has the most deflections – any blocked shots, any steals, any picked-up loose balls – gets to sign the dog bone."
Love it, keep it coming Cats. Mick and the Boys are just Basketball guys.

Barstool Sports? or Bolt Sports Network?

I was blessed to have Tito create this website for me. I will forever be thankful to get my name out there to the media and practice being a journalist. I can't control how the site is run, okay well sorta I have all the passwords but I let Tito do that stuff. He is the El Presidente to my KFC (another supposed doppelgänger of mine) he runs the show. Doesn't mean I can be critical of him does it? What is BSN? It sure looks a whole like Barstool Sports to me. Tito is out here writing about tattoos, A-Rod's reality TV show, Skip Bayless (his hot takes are dumb as hell to Tito's defense) and Delly's shoes. I'm not trying to copy the best in the business here. I'm all for honoring their journalism prowess. The philosophy on content, content, content is acceptable to clone because it works. But copying them? Come on Tito...

Don't get me wrong, it is nice to see Tito out here blogging after like a 4 month hiatus from working. But lets be real. BSN is never going to be Barstool Sports, so let's just be BSN. Ball is in your court Tito. 

God Damnit Toby

As if Toby Flenderson was my least favorite Office character, he had to go out and do this to Steve Carell...

As I'm laying down scrolling through Twitter my eyes lit up when I saw this. I first saw "Breaking News: The Office is returning to NBC." tweet and I wanted to cry. Thought Steve was being serious but had a feeling he was doing one of the best but most cynical troll jobs on the face of the earth. Then Carell followed up with the "Wait, sorry. I meant Will and Grace (Typo)" tweet. I immediately began cursing and just asking myself why Steve, why? Well I woke up this morning and saw his follow up tweet, and it was pure gold. "My account was hacked by Toby Flenderson" tweet was great PR by Carell. Who else would all of The Office fans hate to see to it? Toby Flenderson. If you are into conspiracy theories it all makes sense.

Toby and Michael never got along while they both were employed at Dunder Mifflin, then there is this.

Toby or Paul Lieberstein is the only one who isn't verified on Twitter. The motive is there people, I'll let you connect the dots on this one.