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MLB Postseason predictions

posted Oct 4, 2016, 5:13 PM by Jacob Geiser
October baseball is here, and it should be a good postseason. The chase for the World Series trophy actually begins tonight with the Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles. Chris Tillman will get the nod for the Orioles while Marcus Stroman will take the hill for the Blue Jays. For the sake of time I'm going to keep my pick short and sweet. I like the Blue Jays coming out of the AL Wild Card matchup.

In the NL, I mean it is an even year so no matter how good your team is, if you face the Giants good luck. The Giants won the 2010, 2012, and 2014 World Series. I don't get how it happens but it does. Since it is 2016, you can't count them out. I like them beating the Mets. I hope they do for the sake of the rest of the MLB. I want this even year conspiracy theory to end. So with that the field is set.

I like the Cubs coming out the NL. They are the best team in baseball and have been all year long. With the addition of one the best, if not the best closer in the MLB Aroldis Chapman. If you let the Cubs get the the 9th with the lead... Good Luck. Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and company have been stellar all year, it just seems like this year may be the year. For the sake of Cubs fans everywhere, please knock on wood. I think you will see a Cubs-Nationals NLCS with the Cubs coming out winners in 5 games.

Over in the AL, I like Boston. It is David Ortiz last season in the MLB, it honestly could be a fairytale in the making if the Red Sox can win the Fall Classic. Rick Porcello went 22-4 in the regular season with a solid 3.15 ERA. Oh, you can't leave out David Price either when it comes to the Red Sox pitching. A solid rotations and great hitting team, Boston has the pieces to make a run for it all. Red Sox-Rangers in the ALCS with Boston coming out in 6 games.

World Series Winner: Chicago Cubs in 6 games
I love this matchup. Two of the most iconic professional baseball teams squaring off for the World Series. Wrigley Field and Fenway, oh my please let this come true. I normally don't watch postseason baseball up until the World Series unless the Reds are in the Wild Card or something, but this year has so many good headlines. Back to my pick, I think the Cubs pitching staff is WAY too deep for Boston. The Sox have good pitching but the Cubs' pitching is a little bit better, and that difference goes a long way in October. Kyle Hendricks, Jon Lester, Jake Arrieta, John Lackey and Jason Hammel. I mean good luck to any opposing team facing that solid of a pitching rotation. There isn't a weak link in that rotation. Cubs in 6, knock on wood, and the curse is finally broken for the Cubbies.