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Skip Bayless Dumb Tweet of the Day

posted Jan 13, 2017, 9:50 AM by Austin James   [ updated Jan 13, 2017, 10:02 AM ]
Skip, sweet Jesus man. Dak hasn't even played in a playoff game yet, and you're already using him as an example to show why Aaron Rodgers is overrated in the playoffs. The man is a rookie who has performed very well, but he is also behind one of the best offensive lines we have ever seen. Rodgers has managed to bring the Packers back from the dead this year and he has done it without a top running back like Ezekiel Elliot.

2015 Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary vs. Cardinals

But we are talking about the playoffs. Rodgers has led a team to the Super Bowl and made plays that make heads spin countless other time. Just last week he had the Hail Mary before half to Randall Cobb, and last year he had the 45 yard game winning pass against the Cardinals. I understand that not everyone who wins a Super Bowl is an elite QB, but 8 playoff wins is something. The man has 31 TD in 14 games; I'd say that a decent performance.

So bold to put Dak in any conversation about playoff performance without playing a game; so stupid to try to trash Rodgers playoff performance. Thanks for fuel for another blog Skip.