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Skip Bayless Dumb Tweet of the Day

posted Jan 18, 2017, 1:46 PM by Austin James
Today this honor goes to Skip's old partner in crime, and perhaps the second most unbearable sports host to listen to: Stephen A. Smith. This tweet is actually from Monday, but it it so damn ignorant it warrants a blog.

Dude, are you serious? A catastrophic failure? They had two rookies lead them to the best record in the NFC, the best. Do you realize how incredible that is. They had an aging QB and a hole to fill at RB coming into this year. They managed to fill both of those needs with rookies and have best regular season in their conference in one year. That takes most teams two, maybe three years at least. Nothing about this year was a failure for the Cowboys.

Yeah, they lost their first playoff game, but that's going to happen with rookies. And in my opinion, they didn't really lose that game; the Packers won it. I think this was a great year in Dallas and there are many more to come. To call 2016 a failure for the Cowboys is absolute lunacy, but it's Stephen A. so why am I suprised?