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Skip Bayless' Dumb Tweet(s) of the Week

posted Oct 3, 2016, 11:25 AM by Austin James   [ updated Oct 3, 2016, 11:28 AM ]
This past week, our good friend Skip Bayless took it on himself to be the leader of the charge against Dez Bryant for not getting an MRI on his knee and not playing last Sunday. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett believed that Dez missed the MRI because he feared injury and didn't want to hear the bad news. He also said that other people have played with Dez's injury and his absence was actually just a pain tolerance issue. Naturally this riled up the world biggest Cowboys fan, Skip Bayless.

Skip immediately took to twitter trying to get Dez's attention and let him know that he was being immature. Skip had the guts to stand up to Dez and tell him he needed to man up. You think Skip ever sat out of a JV basketball game because of a knee injury. No! He powered through and persevered. You don't become one of the best, most followed, and most popular journalists in America by skipping MRIs because you feared the worst. 

My personal favorite of the rant was the "Sounds like you've been challenged." line. He couldn't just report what Garrett said; no, Skip had to make this into a confrontation and call him out. I'm sure Dez read this and hit the rehab facilities immediately.

You tell 'em Skip! Dez is soft and should get his immature ass back on the field.