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Skip Bayless is Living in 2011

posted Sep 20, 2016, 1:58 PM by Austin James
Crazy ol' man Skip hit the twitter waves with another hot take this afternoon. He said Adrian Peterson, who suffered a torn meniscus, is going to come back in two weeks and be better than ever. The Vikings are yet to give details on the severity of the the tear or when Peterson will return. He suffered a torn ACL in 2011 and came back to have one of the best rushing seasons the NFL has ever seen, but this isn't 2011.

Skip outdid himself on this one. Adrian Peterson is getting older. Thats just a fact. He will never be as good as he was in 2012, and neither will 99.9999% of backs every to carry the ball. In his prime he was one of the best running backs of all time, but that time is over. He is still an incredibly talented player and still has success in his future. However, he is never going to be as good as he once was.

Also, if I am a Vikings fan, I want AP taking his time to get back. It looks like Bradford will be able to be a solid quarterback, Jerick McKinnon is a very good back, the defense is firing on all cylinders, and, to be honest, Peterson has looked below average this year. The Vikings will have time to establish an offensive identity without Peterson and develop some alternative threats to supplement AP. He is going to be better when he comes back, when the Vikings have pieces around him; however, he will not be better than ever.