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Sunday Scaries: Finals Week and Big News!

posted Dec 4, 2016, 4:12 PM by Austin James
Article by Jacob Geiser

Well, to all my fellow college students out there it is finals week. Thoughts and prayers to all of us going into this week of hell. Some people are spending it wisely, some aren't. Shoutout to the girl who is spending her time in the library editing a picture of her from Santa Fest. Got to do what you got to do to get those likes on Instagram. In this edition of the Sunday Scaries, there is a lot of happiness. At least for me I can't say the same for everyone.

Ohio Bobcats

First off we will start off with the Bobcats. They lost a heartbreaker to Western Michigan 29-23. Everyone wrote off the Bobbies but they made that one hell of a game. I was hoping for the bars to erupt and the campus to go nuts. I was feeling like a burning a couch in honor of the win, but that will have to wait till March Madness. They will face Troy (9-3) in the Dollar General Bowl on December 23rd. I'll take the Bobcats by a million.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Eagles aren't dey. The Bengals cruised to a 32-14 victory on Sunday adding a W to the win column. Andy Dalton shredded the Eagles for 332 yards and 2 TD's. The defense looked like it had a pulse today forcing 3 turnovers on the day. Vontaze Burfict had 2 INT's and Shawn Williams had one. That was Burfict's first career game with 2 INT's. Don't let the Bengals get hot. With their next game against the Browns and hopefully some help from other teams around the NFL, the Bengals still (mathematically) could win the division. No idea how but hey, lets go Bengals!

Cincinnati Bearcats

What a week for the Bearcats! Big time win against #19 Iowa State on the road. That win is a solid resume builder and confidence boost for the Bearcats. They face Bowling Green tonightat 8 before heading to #18 Butler on Saturday. Yours truly will be attending that game as well. Cincinnati should be ranked heading into this weeks match-ups. Gary Clark seems to be getting on track after a huge performance against the Cyclones. They pulled a gritty win, that hasn't happened in a long time. For the first time in god knows how long UC won a close ball game. Hopefully their luck is turning around. Troy Caupain is still struggling to start the year. He started the year slow last year and got cooking late. With Evans III and Washington playing as well as they are, Caupain's play isn't hurting the team.

In football news, Tommy Tuberville has stepped down as the head coach of Cincinnati. Tuberville was 29-22 at UC. Tuberville is a great man, but he just wasn't the right fit at Cincinnati. Sources can confirm that UC has already reached out to Jeff Brohm, head coach of Western Kentucky. I wrote a story last week on some possible candidates. All of them are getting heavy consideration from the school, including P.J Fleck who I thought wasn't going to be an option.

College Football Playoff

1. Bama vs. 4. Washington 
2. Clemson vs. 3. Ohio State

This is going to be an exciting CFP. I think that the committee got it right. I do feel like Penn State got the shaft however. I just wonder how much the committee values winning the conference championship and head-to-head match-ups. I think you can almost pencil in a Bama/OSU National Title game. Clemson isn't as good this year, and Washington is a year away from being very legit. OSU and Washington will be back next season. Both are very young teams who have gained lots of experience from this season. I think you'll see 3 of the 4 teams back next season which is very impressive.

BSN News

Starting next week, BSN will be adding a new show to the website. We don't have a name yet, but I'm sure it will come to us. It will feature myself, Tito, and our boys from Kentucky Donovan Hester and Dominc Lynd. We look forward to seeing where they show will take this network.