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Sunday Scaries with Bolt: 9/25

posted Sep 25, 2016, 3:00 PM by Jacob Geiser
Ahh, the Sunday Scaries. All college kids have them after a fun weekend of not having to worry about classes. Following up from the aftermath of Parents Weekend here in Athens, the Scaries are real. Before I dive into the topics I have on hand today; Mom, I did study and still am. Just need to talk about the wild weekend in Cincinnati sports. Brief pause, nothing to worry about.

Now, first I want to discuss the Bearcats lackluster 27-20 win against Miami (OH). I had blogged Tuesday about the QB issue at Cincinnati. I still stand by my opinion, and yesterday was some bullshit. I have never been more pissed to see UC win than I was yesterday. Being in some dirty log cabin while the parents got ready for the night in Athens, I had to watch the game. I wanted to vomit. UC shouldn't be in a close game with the Redhawks. I'm sorry they shouldn't be. Dantonio, Kelly and Jones never had issues with the Redhawks. In comes Tuberville, who I think is more worried about his golf game than coaching UC. I mean, how in the hell do you let Ross Trail turn the ball over as much as he did and not have Kiel in that game? I mean is the kid even on the team? I am so fed up with Tuberville it hurts. The guy isn't the one to help the program make the leap up to playing real football. He isn't. I am so tired of ranting about him that it makes me sick knowing I know next weekend I have a new reason to dislike him. Trail shows promise, but my god let Gunner Kiel start. Please. I don't think that it is too much to ask.

The Bengals fell to the Broncos 29-17 on Sunday. Game was in reach, but just didn't go the Bengals way. We are 3 games into the season and people are freaking out. You know they play 16 games right? 3 games don't define a season. 1-2 isn't an ideal start for the Bengals but look at who they played? Jets (playoff team), Steelers (SB contender), Broncos (Defending SB Champs). Why in the hell are people complaining? If I have to watch another game with Eric Ostertag complaining about Dalton I swear I'm going to lose it. Dalton is 50-28-1 as a starter. I don't know why you are complaining bud. I get it though, to be the best you have to beat the best. However, I would much rather see the Bengals get a win in December/January versus these teams compared to September. This team is a playoff team. I think we all know that, but the frustrations got to go. It is September... Burfict and Eifert will be back soon and this team will be cooking on all cylinders. You have my word.

That is this weekend's Sunday Scaries. What is the message? Relax on the Bengals, and where the hell is Gunner Kiel?