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UC Football D-Day: December 8

posted Nov 29, 2016, 4:10 PM by Austin James   [ updated Jan 10, 2017, 7:46 PM ]
Article by Jacob Geiser

All UC fans are chomping at the bit for December 8th. Why? This is why.

But in the new deal, UC will have to pay Tuberville $2.4 million if it lets him go before Dec. 7. The buyout payment would be $1.5 million if he's fired before Dec. 7, 2017; $1 million before Dec. 7, 2018; and $1 million before Dec. 7, 2019.
UC won't fire Tuberville until December 8th due to the amount of money in the buyout. When UC gave Tommy Boy a contract extension, it boosted his buyout starting point at $2.4 million. Before the extension it was roughly around $1 million. Bearcats will have to wait till December 8th to see if the future is bright for the football program or doomed. 2.4 million compared to 1.5 million is a big difference for a school like UC. For fans saying to fire him now, stop. UC needs to save money. No point in giving a coach more money than he deserves... Believe me, I don't think he deserves 1.5 million but it is what it is. That drop in money could mean more money for the next coach. So waiting to fire him would have it perks.

Assuming Tuberville is fired, where does UC go from there? It won't and shouldn't be and inside hire. I'm going to rule out P.J Fleck because he deserves a bigger job than UC. I mean I wish he would come here, but it is highly unlikely. The guy is a class act, and whoever gets him is a very lucky program. There will be no Les Miles, Brian Kelly or any other big name coach coming to Clifton. However, there are some legitimate candidates.

Charlie Strong
After recently getting fired by Texas, Charlie Strong should be a top target for many schools. Of all the realistic candidates, Strong is my favorite. In recent years, Strong has coached at Florida where he coached on the defensive side of the ball. Literally held every spot imaginable as a coach on defense. He coached at Louisville where he had the most success of the two head coaching gigs. He led Louisville to a Sugar Bowl victory over Florida in 2013. Strong went 37-15 as HC at Louisville. We all know how it went at Texas. Strong was 16-21 and never won a bowl game.

Strong is looking for a place to call home and get back up on his feet. Why not UC? I don't know if Strong will want to venture outside the Power 5 teams, but UC could be intriguing. He is a class act and would be a perfect head coach for a program that needs new life. Strong has had success in the Midwest. He was able to recruit well at Louisville and get results. Louisville was in the same position that UC is currently in. A team clawing for a spot in a Power 5 conference that has been a solid football program all around. If Strong is looking for a place to bounce back and call home for a while it is UC. Only down side to Strong? I believe he got a taste of Power 5 money and will jump after he (potentially) becomes successful in Clifton. UC has shown it will shell out money (case in point is Tubs) why not give Strong a call?

Jeff Brohm
The brother of UC killer Brian Brohm, Jeff could get a call from UC if Tubs gets the can. He is currently 29-10 at Western Kentucky. Brohm was the offensive coordinator under Bobby Petrino when he was at Western Kentucky before he jolted to Lousville, again. Brohm is on the up and up when it comes to coaches. He has made the most of his opportunity at Western Kentucky. He has won both bowl games he has been in and the 3rd will be determined this bowl season.

Brohm has had high powered offenses at Western Kentucky and I wouldn't expect that to change at UC. He would have more resources when it comes to recruiting and could gain even better offensive players to fit his system that he may not get now. Money wouldn't be that bad. Brohm would be cheaper than Strong and could be seen as a more reasonable option. He is a very energetic coach which is something Tuberville isn't. Brohm could be the lead horse when it comes to the UC job. I believe he is the one who will get hired. I wouldn't be opposed to Brohm or Strong. I think Brohm would call UC home for a lot longer than Strong but who knows.

Lincoln Riley
This one could be a bit of a stretch. However, the thought of having total control of a program can make that stretch more realistic. Lincoln Riley is the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma. He jumped from East Carolina to Oklahoma. He has held the same position at both schools, but that could change. There will be other schools calling Riley about vacancies. He is proving to be a solid OC with a knack for scoring points. And a lot of them. UC has been known for its high powered offenses in the past, with the idea of making a name for himself UC could be a landing spot.

Under Bob Stoops, no one knows when he will retire. Riley could be hoping to get the job down the road but why not take a solid one to get your feet wet. This is probably unlikely, but Riley could be intrigued with the idea of becoming a head coach. It may not be what he hoped for, but UC is a solid job. I know it could be my bias toward the school talking, but this is a good job. It has proven to be a stepping stool for HC. Mark Dantonio (Michigan State), Brian Kelly (Notre Dame) and Butch Jones (Tennessee). That list can be seen as proof that his work wouldn't go unnoticed at UC.

Neal Brown
I'm personally not sold on Brown yet, but I would love to be proven wrong. He is the head coach at Troy. In his second year, Brown has the Trojans at 9-2 and bowl eligible. It is a night and day difference from year one to year two. Year one he went 4-8 and this year he is 9-2. The sample size is small for Brown. Which would scare UC fans, myself included. However this program needs new life and Brown can provide that. Anybody could who isn't Tuberville.

This is my least favorite candidate, but If he gets a call and is hired. I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong.

I believe the front runner is Jeff Brohm. I believe it would be a great fit. I love what Brohm brings to the table as a head coach. If Brohm gets hired I will be very happy. I believe Bearcat Nation will be too. Charlie Strong is my dream candidate, but I just don't know if that will happen. If it does all the reasons for him coming here would make sense. However, I just don't think he will dip below the Power 5 line again. Remember this is all with an * next to it. UC needs to fire Tubs first.

December 8th. That is the day. Hold on to your seats Bearcats fans, this could be interesting.