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UC vs. Houston and thoughts on CFB Week 2

posted Sep 12, 2016, 2:07 PM by Jacob Geiser   [ updated Sep 13, 2016, 5:58 AM ]
Thursday night will kick off what will be a great weekend in College Football. Cincinnati welcomes the #6 ranked Houston Cougars to Nippert Stadium. This early conference matchup can go a long way in deciding who may get that elusive New Years 6 bowl appearance. The top non-power five conference team will get the berth, and if UC can knock off Houston that will go a long way.

I am a die hard UC fan. If you know me, you already knew that. This honestly is one of the bigger games in recent history for Cincinnati. Ever since Tubs has come in, some of that magic from the Big East days has vanished. I'm not going to lie about that, but this game would be huge for the program. UC could be looking at one last performance to tell the Big 12, "Hey, remember how we have won 5 conference titles in the last 8 years? Yeah we aren't going anywhere." 

UC can shut up all the Houston believers too. I'm big on following all the expansion gossip, none of it means anything but it is still entertaining. There are some Houston fans who think you have one good year and beat two really relevant teams that you are a national powerhouse and have been for ages. False, I respect the hell out of Tom Herman and what he has done to turn that program around. They may be the new kid on the block, but UC has been on the block. Sure, UC hasn't done much as of late to warrant anyone coming to their defense. But, this is a program that has the number of wins in the past 8 or so years to back it up. I know it isn't a lot of data, but this program has come back from the ashes. 

It is going to be a tough game for the Bearcats, I won't be surprised if Houston does win. BUT, don't count out the Bearcats. 


Thursday night on ESPN, sellout crowd at Nippert Stadium and its a blackout. I'm pretty upset I'm missing the game because I'm in Athens. Nippert is going to be rocking. It is a hostile environment in those big time games. Here is a fun fact for you, last time a top 10 team came to UC? Here is how their night went...

YouTube Video

I would love nothing more than for UC to spoil Houston's shot at being perfect. In fact I think it can happen. Momentum is something UC needed and got with a solid win against Purdue. Now they are the doormat in the Big 10 but a win is a win. 

Houston fans are really annoying on Twitter too so I want UC to win so they just shut up. My prediction? The Ruckus rattles Greg Ward and company while Hayden Moore thrives in the spotlight. Andrew Gantz plays hero with a game winning kick. Bearcats win 34-31. Lock it in.

Now onto to another great weekend of College Football...

Can Michigan hoist the CFP trophy? It's too early to tell.
Here is something me and my colleague Tito have in common, Michigan and Louisville are teams trending upward. I wouldn't go as far to say they are the favorite to win the CFP, but they are a team that can get in. OSU may stand in their way. I agree with Tito about Harbuagh and the way the team is playing. UCF and Hawaii aren't much competition but nonetheless they are good. Alabama may be the favorite in my eyes. They are Alabama, and the SEC looks weaker than normal this season. Michigan will have to beat OSU. I don't see a team standing in Bama's way, but I do see Michigan State and most importantly OSU standing in the way of the Wolverines. If OSU happens to lose to Oklahoma this weekend, I see a very upset OSU team trying everything in their power to show the committee that they are an one loss team deserving of a berth.

Maybe the best game of the week features a Louisville team that has been led by the NCAA Football 14 like stats of 99 overall player. No wait, that is Lamar Jackson. I mean it is incredible. Their opponent, Florida State; has been impressive since their second half comeback against Ole Miss. I like what Freshmen QB Deondre Francois has done so far. Dalvin Cook has done what everyone has expected, dominate on the ground. I'm looking forward to the QB matchup most as should everyone. If Jackson duplicates his performances from the first two games against Florida State? Oh my... It will be nuts.

Hot Take: Bobcats leave Knoxville winners

My Ohio Bobcats beat Tennessee, if Skip Bayless can make hot takes and get his own show why can't I?

Top 25 Battles:
#1 Alabama vs. #19 Ole Miss: Winner --- Alabama
#2 Florida State vs. #10 Louisville: Winner --- Louisville
#3 Ohio State vs. #14 Oklahoma: Winner --- Oklahoma
#12 Michigan State vs. #18 Notre Dame: Winner --- Notre Dame