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Way Too Early CFB Playoff Predictions

posted Sep 20, 2016, 10:14 AM by Austin James
Its week 4 and we still have an entire season of college football in front of us, but never too early to make predictions too early. My predictions for the four team college football playoff are as follows:

Semifinal #1 Alabama vs. #4 Michigan
Alabama will run the table in the SEC and finish with an undefeated record. Auburn will give the Crimson Tide a game in the Iron Bowl purely out because of the intensity of the rivalry, but I think they roll past Tennessee, LSU, and Texas A&M. The SEC is just is not what is usually is this year, and they cant compete with Alabama. Alabama beats Tennessee or Georgia in the conference championship and keeps their number one ranking, earning the top seed in the playoff. Michigan goes undefeated heading into Ohio Stadium, but comes up short. I think that these teams are very evenly matched, but I think OSU's speed coupled with a strong home-field advantage gets the Bucks the win. Even with the loss, the committee is going to to take a one loss Michigan over a one loss PAC-12 champion and two loss Big 12 champion, and the Wolverines earn a spot in the playoff. So the world finally gets to see the most anticipated
coaching match-up in recent memory: Saban vs. Harbaugh. I have to go against my better judgement, which says that Saban beats anyone with a month to prepare, and go with Michigan. They are gonna play with a chip on their shoulder and get the win with their ground and pound style. They wear out the Alabama defense and earn a spot in the national championship game.

Semifinal #2 Ohio State vs. #3 Louisville
Ohio State and Louisville will have both gone undefeated won their respective conferences. Ohio State wins a close game at home with Michigan, and rolls in the Big 10 title game. Louisville beats Clemson, rolls past Houston, and beats Miami decisively for the conference title. This high scoring matchup results in a Buckeyes win. Ohio State's defense will make plays when they need to and get a few stops. Lamar Jackson has a huge game, but not huge enough. On the other hand I think JT Barrett has another spectacular game and picks apart the Cardinal defense. Urban Meyer will lead Ohio State to
another national Championship game.

2016 National Championship #2 Ohio State vs. #4 Michigan
The rematch of the greatest rivalry in college football will determine the national champion. This rematch will be the most memorable championship game of all time. My national champion: the Michigan Wolverines. It's hard to pick a winner between these two teams, but here's my logic. It is so hard to beat a national championship caliber team twice. Just look at Alabama and LSU a few years ago. This time around, Michigan will be able to control the clock
and keep Ohio State's offense off the field. I think they run the ball well and win 28-24 in a closely contested final. Harbaugh was destined for a championship and the rivalry will be that much more heated next year.

Maybe none of these scenarios play out. It's way too early to make a good prediction.