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Wednesday Hypothetical: Les Miles Joins the Michigan Staff

posted Sep 28, 2016, 8:06 AM by Austin James
LSU Coach Les Miles was fired last Sunday, along with his offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Miles has been on the hot seat for some time, and LSU is struggling this year. The program needed to be better than 1-2 with all the talent they have, and it was time for Les to go. 

Miles is a Michigan alum so naturally the question came to Harbaugh: "Would you be open to hiring Les in some capacity?" Harbaugh told the reporter he thought this was a good idea, that he had a lot of respect for Miles and for Cam Cameron, and that he hadn't talked to them yet but hoped to soon.

So, let's play the unlikely hypothetical game: What if Harbaugh took Miles on the staff? Honestly I think it would be one of the best coaching moves he could make. On the list of craziest football coaches who win, Harbaugh is number one, follow closely by the grass-eating Mad Hatter, Les Miles. They both bring an incredible amount of intensity to their jobs, and it looks like the more crazy the coaching staff becomes in Ann Arbor, the more dominant the team is. I'm not saying that Harbaugh should let him touch the gameplan at all, that seems to be working damn near perfectly and Les Miles won't be the football genius to improve it. Maybe he is just your wild card on the sidelines; hell, maybe he is just the "get back" coach. I mean I can't imagine anything more energizing than to look to your left and see Harbaugh eating a booger then looking to your right and seeing Les chowing down on a nice patch of grass before you take the field.

Bonus for Harbaugh, if he shows up to a satellite camp in SEC country next year with Les Miles, Nick Saban might actually explode. His recruiting base down in the South would only get stronger with the hire and I don't know if Saban would have a counter. Even though he got fired from LSU, no kid from Louisiana would say no to a serious meeting with Les Miles about their college football career.

Hypothetically, Les would be fantastic in maize and blue.