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Week 1: Bengals vs. Jets

posted Sep 10, 2016, 2:12 PM by Jacob Geiser
After the exciting Super Bowl 50 rematch, we are finally 1 day away from Bengals football. It is about damn time.

After a disappointing end to the season last year, the Bengals seem more than eager to get out there and try to prove the haters wrong. Again...

Once again they will try end the playoff drought and the narrative that they can't win when the lights shine brightest. Andy Dalton is back and healthy and I expect the Red Rifle to get after it when the Bengals step onto the field at MetLife Stadium.

Will Dalton sport and even more spiked up look?
This seasons first 3 games seem to be pretty tough. New York Jets, Steelers, Broncos. That is a pretty tough schedule to begin the year. Especially when one of your most important offensive players is hurt, and the heart and soul of the defense is suspended.

The Bengals will be without Tyler Eifert and Vontaze Burfict. That hurts, and it will hurt the Bengals in the first 3 games. I expect the Bengals to start off 2-1, the lone loss coming to the Steelers. I just think that missing those two will be hard especially on the offensive side of the ball. AJ Green and Brandon LaFell are the only two veteran receivers, everyone else is young. The offense may have something to prove these first few games. Jeremy Hill is looking to bounce back after a sophomore slump. Everything I have read and watched says he is more determined than ever to go out and make up for his mistake in the Wild Card game last year. However, the big story is that Dalton is back and I'm sure he will pick up where he left off last season. I wonder if Dalton's hair will be even more spiked up from last year. New year, new cut.

The defense is going to be dominant. I know it was just the preseason but they looked explosive and in mid-season form. Geno Atkins is an animal. Adam Jones was named a captain and I'm sure he will be amped to get out there and prove to everyone why he is. Harvard golden boy Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't going to know what hit him tomorrow.

Bengals football is back. Who Freaking Dey. Bengals by 1,000.