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What the Crosstown Shootout means to the 513

posted Jan 26, 2017, 9:05 AM by Jacob Geiser   [ updated Jan 26, 2017, 9:06 AM ]
Article by: Dominic Lynd

Those of us who love sports all know the feel of the big day. The buildup for a Super Bowl lasts two whole weeks of media coverage. The common phrase states: “The sweetest two words in sports- Game 7.” These game seven matchups can have people on the edge of their seats for hours at a time. Well, if you're like me then there are two more important words in sports- Crosstown Shootout. Unlike game seven, this lasts more than one night. No, this lasts 365 days a year. For us, this is bigger than the upcoming Super Bowl. 

Unmatchable pride on both sides, fighting for one city that seems too small for the both of us. In most places, you can put the name of the city on your uniform and assume it's your’s. You can place the city skyline on the court and claim yourself the king of the city. The problem with our city? We have two kings and only one crown. One game to settle disputes of the previous 364 days.

This isn't a normal rivalry. This isn't Notre Dame and Miami jawing cross country. This is one city, and a battle for who's better. There isn't disdain in this rivalry, but hatred. Depending on who you you are, that could be good, or bad. It really brings out the worst in everybody. In grade school arguments have thrown punches, punches have been thrown at me. Nothing could bring this out of what we're usually such good friends, except for these two bitter rivals with such an inflammatory history. We'd fight about games, history, hell, we fought about fights, and who started them. 

The pettiest insults could only get away on this subject. I have a cool iPhone background that tells me what time it is, and informs me if Xavier still sucks or not at that current time. The answer has always been yes, so I really enjoy it. The attractiveness of coed students has been insulted. The resemblance of a coach to a leprechaun, the complete and utter stupidly of a mascot, and the “vandalization” of statues on each school’s campus…. you name it, it's happened.

Over the course of my life? It's been complete domination, and I've been on the wrong end. Does it bring me immense sadness and total darkness? Yes. Would I give it up for anything in the world? No. I love this game, this city, and this rivalry. As a kid, I've cried over this game multiple times. I've embarrassed myself on this matter more times than I care for, and have even worsened several friendships. I've also made some good friends on this matter. Even though he may tell you otherwise, I even converted a lifelong best friend from the cold depths of midnight navy to warmth of red. Anyone can make fun of me for it, but I truly live for this rivalry, and for this beautiful city.

Would it be an article without a prediction? 78-69 Bearcats victory. Troy hops on his trusty white steed and rides into the sunset, in the beautiful Clifton streets.