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Why Do People Keep Doing This to Themselves?

posted Jan 17, 2017, 7:19 AM by Austin James
How many times is going to take until people realize getting these tattoos is a horrible idea. I've seen once for every major sport in the past year and all of them lost. Getting a championship tattoo of your team is like one step down from putting the deed to your house on them to win the title. It's never works out.

I will give this guy credit though because it looks like he thought ahead enough to make the words "Super Bowl" and "LI Champions" easily removable. I mean, he can make this manageable, so it's just a Cowboys logo. He wasn't as crazy as this Cavs fan who would have to go all or nothing if he got it removed.

Just more heartbreak for this fan. Aaron Rodger took the needle that gave him that tattoo and stabbed him right in the heart.