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Why not the Reds?

posted Apr 12, 2017, 12:42 PM by Jacob Geiser
Coming into this 2017 baseball season, no one thought the Cincinnati Reds would amount to anything. Bottom of all the rankings, last place finish in the division, all that good stuff. Fans had low expectations for this very young team. It is still early in the so called "rebuilding" process, but the Reds are playing really solid baseball to start the year.

Now, it is only 8 games into this 162 games season. I'm not saying the Reds are going to win the World Series. I'm not saying they are going make the playoffs. I'm not even saying they are going to have a winning record.

But, what I am saying is this...

They have absolutely NOTHING to lose. A team full of young players (lets not forget they are talented) no one knows what they are capable of. Only the Reds coaches and players know. The Reds have done an exceptional job bringing in talented players over the past few years. On top of that, the players they have drafted are starting to make it to the bigs. Guess what? They aren't all even in the bigs. Nick Senzel, Luis Castillo, Jesse Winker, Tyler Stephenson are just a few to name who are still in the minors. Can't forget the guys on the DL either. Homer Bailey, and Anthony DeSclafani should be back by the middle of the season.

Amir Garrett has all the makings of a future ace. 
Nothing to lose, and low expectations? That is a very dangerous combination for a young team. I said this team has the talent, if everything goes right, to win 75+ games. I personally believe that a lot of that young talent has developed more than most people thought. They aren't that bad of a team, I was shocked so many people thought so little of this years team.

They are fun to watch. I'm interested in seeing how the young prospects will do on the big stage. That is what will make this season fun. I have a reason to watch every game. My dad texted me after their 7-1 win when the bullpen DOMINATED the Pirates. 21 straight batters sat down, very impressive for a young bullpen. My dad isn't the biggest believer in Cincy sports. The general mediocrity, year after year rubs him the wrong way. Tired of the heartbreak, can't blame him. He says, "God the Reds are young, kinda winning one or two here." Coming from my dad, that is saying something. Even he is excited to watch this young ball club. The fact that he was watching them to begin with is surprising.

There is a lot to be excited about this summer. I plan on watching as many games as possible this year. I think we can see what this team is capable of. They are playing some pretty good baseball right now. 8 games in of course, not trying to jump to conclusions. Last year, the first 8 games the bullpen was horrible. This year, it is looking very good. The Reds have the best ERA in the NL through 8 games. As a collective staff, it is 2.76. The bullpen? 1.53. Incredible considering how bad they were in the bullpen last season.
Not only can Lorenzen throw gas, he can rake too. 

The Skyline Chili call to the bullpen isn't as terrifying anymore. Last season, a 5 run lead didn't feel big enough. This year, a 1 run lead seems like it is enough.

Hell, the pitcher can rake. Lorenzen has already went yard once, and it was no fluke. In addition to the bat of Lorenzen, there is Rookie Davis. The rookie had a double off the wall in first ever AB in the bigs. We at BSN are all about #PitchersWhoRake.

Last season, people tend to forget that the Reds were a pretty solid team at the plate. Not great, but not horrible. The bats are off to a hot start this season. Leading the way of course is Adam Duvall. The guy just rakes. He makes hitting home runs so easy it is kind of stupid. Huge shoutout to the Giants for giving us an All-Star for 3 months worth of Mike Leake. Hell of a trade off. Love my boy Leake, but the Reds got away with highway robbery. Zach Cozart and Eugenio Suarez are also off to great starts. Those 3 guys are all batting over .350 through the first 8 games. That hitting has seemed to be contagious. In fact, one of the most important players on the team is seeing the ball well. Billy Hamilton is known for his speed and flashy defense. His achilles heel has always seemed to be his performance at the plate. Can't stress this enough, it has only been 8 games. However, it is great to see Billy swinging the bat well. Hamilton is currently batting .323. If your a Reds fan, you take that and run with it. That means Billy and his speed is on base a lot more and that generates more runs.

On top of that, the new kid on the block, Scooter Gennett is playing well. First off his name is great. I love it. Scooter seems like a great baseball name. Gennett was picked up off waivers from the Brewers late in Spring Training. Scooter is a hometown kid who grew up a Reds fan. It is a match made in heaven. Gennett is batting .263, which is where he has been at all his career. He adds some power to the lineup. Which is something I didn't expect. He has 3 HR's early on in the 2017 campaign and leads the club with 8 RBI's.

The Redlegs are hitting and it is without maybe one of the best hitters in baseball, Joey Votto. The first basemen seems to start ever season slow and pick it up. He is only batting .161, but he is being much more aggressive at the plate. I'm not too worried about Votto batting that bad all year, he will hit over .300 this season.

The players aren't buying that they are"rebuilding". They are here to win, and I love that approach. It is basically a big showing of their middle finger to the NL Central and the rest of the MLB. You may think they are rebuilding, but they don't.

This team can potentially win 80 games this year if they get solid contributions from the bullpen and hit the ball well. Last year was a nightmare, this year seems different. Buckle up Reds fans, the next few years are going to be a good time. 

This video is just for your own personal amusement. I promise you, it will get you hyped for the future of the Cincinnati Reds. 

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