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Worst Coaching Move of the Offseason

posted Jan 11, 2017, 8:33 PM by Austin James
Well this didn't take long. Auburn play-called Rhett Lashlee will be leaving the Tiger this offseason to become the offensive coordinator at UCONN, or the most irrelevant football program in the FBS. Let's run that back, this dude left Auburn, to take the same job at UCONN.

What in the world was going through this guys head? I'm just going to assume that UCONN at least doubled, maybe tripled his salary at Auburn. I mean I can't think of a single other reason for this move, but that's probably the most illogical statement ever considering Auburn budget for football is probably 100 time larger than the Huskies.

What do you think the pitch that UCONN threw at this guy looked like? "Hey, remember a couple years ago when we went .500 and snuck into the Sugar Bowl on a technicality, then got our asses kicked by Oklahoma?" Or better yet: "Did you hear about that awesome rivalry our coach just up and started with South Florida last year? They didn't take the trophy home, but its gonna be a thing."

Honestly, I think we are going to be hearing about this guy being involved in some shady stuff at Auburn. Whether it was recruiting violations or an affair with an administrator, something was going on behind the scenes here. I feel like the had to get out of Dodge with this move, and I can't blame him. A group of Alabamans who are angry about football is more dangerous than a pack of ravenous wolves. Still though man, you couldn't have picked a worse play to end up. Hope it works out for, but this move makes no sense Rhett.