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Bearcats and Bobcats Gearing Up for Conference Tourneys

12:35 PM, May 18, 2016
Article  by Jacob Geiser

It's been awhile since we have covered my beloved Bearcats and Bobcats baseball teams. The Bearcats have cooled off a bit, and the Bobcats had remained steady. Conference Tournament time is rapidly approaching, and each team has the position to make a little run. 

We will start off with the team in Athens. The Bobcats sit at 22-27 (7-14) this season. After last year's 36-21 (17-10) season, this season has been a bit of a disappointment for Bobcats fans. However, the Bobcats can make a run in the MAC tournament. Mitch Longo and company have one final conference series vs. Miami. They will square off in Athens before taking part in the MAC tourney. Kent State is the team to beat going into the tournament. Kent State is #28 in the nation in the most recent poll. At 20-4 in MAC play, it is obvious to see the Golden Flashes have everyone's number. However, I got faith that the Bobcats can compete in the tournament. The Bobcats would need to change the way they have played against the Golden Flashes. In the only meeting this year, the Golden Flashes swept the Bobcats. The Bobcats were outscored 20-5 in that series. Next week we will break down the brackets once they get released. 

Now onto the Bearcats. The Bearcats (24-27-1) (11-9-1) have fallen from the top spot in the American since we last talked about them. The Bearcats have improved greatly from last year. The Bearcats have the chance to finish above .500 in conference play for the first time in a long time. They have the Memphis Tigers in Memphis this week. The Bearcats are 2-1 against the Tigers this season. Ty Neal's team has been a totally different team this season when playing on the road compared to at home. UC is 18-7 at home, but 6-14-1 on the road. Hopefully, the Bearcats can get some great pitching from Andrew Zellner and company. Memphis is dead last in the American which is a little sigh of relief for Bearcat fans. UC can finish at the top; I believe they would be tied for first with the tiebreaker. I don't know the specific the tiebreaker, but I think they could maybe tie for first if Tulane falls apart. I think they will most likely get second. UConn, and East Carolina face off with USF and UCF who are both tied for last. Tulane faces off with Houston. So, the Bearcats would need some help to make a jump up in the standings. As for their tournament, they have a pretty good chance to make a run. They have had solid pitching; Andrew Zellner, J.T Perez and David Orndorff have done a fantastic job. Zellner and Perez have ERA's under 3. Zellner is sitting at 2.23 and Perez is at 2.92 on the year. Those three guys will need to go deep in their games to give UC chances to make a run. If they can pitch like they have all year I like their chances. Like I said early, we will post both the Bearcats and Bobcats tournaments and break down the AAC and MAC brackets.