BSN Staff

Lead Analyst Jacob Geiser
Jacob "Bolt" Geiser, a Cincinnati native, is a co-founder and the namesake of Bolt Sports Network. Geiser is an adamant fan of all the teams covered by BSN (though he is a future Bobcat scholar, he promises to retain some Bearcat colors). This talented and analytical mind is the brain behind the operation at BSN and continues to be the driving force behind its success.

Analyst/Chief Technology Developer Austin James
Austin James is a native Cincinnatian and co-founder of Bolt Sports Network. Austin keeps
the BSN website running, but occasionally contributes to its content. James may be less than a fan of some of the teams BSN covers *cough* UC Bearcats *cough* * cough*, but he remains dedicated to the success of the network covering all its teams. Austin will soon be a South Carolina Gamecock and hopes to add the university to the BSN coverage list.