Episode 1: Preseason

August 31, 2016

I’m just gonna toss it out there that last year I had possibly one of the best fantasy teams of all time. My standard head to head team dominated the second season of my ten team league. I struggled at QB I had the seventh pick in the first round and took Andrew Luck who had an abysmal season. If he had even half of the season he did the year before I would have won every game by 100 points. Instead I tossed in Johnny football (I’ll stick by it till I die that Manziel can be a successful NFL QB with a decent supporting cast, evidence of this is his week 10 performance against the Steelers where he went 33 for 45 with a TD and pick that wasn’t his fault.) and ended the season with a dominating Kirk Cousins. My backfield was solid with Lamar
Jaguars WR Allen Hurns

Miller, Arian Foster (got injured), and a fifth round gem Todd Guerly. Receiving core was just as stellar with Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas, Doug Baldwin, and Hurns. Thomas had a disappointing season but my flex combo of Hurns and Baldwin picked up the slack. Add the wavier pick up of Jordan Reed and the Carolina defense and the rest is history.

Coming into this season I set my own expectation very high. I’m a champion and it’s my duty to keep the scum on the bottom of the league. I’ll give the team I drafted this year a B+, but many things can change within a season. So I had the third overall pick and I stood by my Cincinnati pride and did not take the still available Antonio Brown. It would have been a steal and many experts had home going first overall, but as a Cincinnati guy I couldn’t find myself rooting for that tool all season. On that same principal I never take Pittsburg players. So my first round pick was used on OBJ who will have another great season most likely. The second round I took Allen Robinson and just like that my receiving core was set. I had no problem taking two receivers with my first two rounds. Receivers that can consistently get 15 points or so a key piece to my fantasy mentality.

Packers RB Eddie Lacy

Next two rounds followed with getting my backfield set. I took slight risks on guys who had disappointing seasons last year. I took Eddy Lacy and Jeremy Hill. In a lot of drafts last year Lacy was a number 1 pick. It’s also been documented that he has gotten back in shape and is set for a comeback season. The rationale behind taking Hill is also simple. I’m a Cincinnati guy who firmly believes the Bengals will be superbowl camps. A couple factors make my Hill pick reasonable. 1 the Bengals lost some receivers and will most likely rely more heavily on the running game this year. 2 I saw in their game with Jacksonville how much they trust Hill to score in the red zone by handing him the ball like 5 times in a row until he dove in. And 3 Jeremey is all business. He has something to prove after his fumble in the playoffs and he’s toned back the cockiness and celebrations. I know it’s a risk but I’m ready for both these guys to bounce back big this year.

I actually may have messed up waiting too long to look for a QB. I took Brees which would be an amazing pick 4 years ago. But he’s still a lock for the upper 200-point range and you know he’s reliable, unlike my QB situation last year. Follow him with the pick of the browns only offensive weapon in Gary Barnidge. I always seem to have trouble in the TE 
Saints QB Drew Brees

 but I think I may have found a great scoring end. Also have Rudolph from Elder (Minnesota) on my bench who has shown how he can dominate.

A pick I’m proud of and I’ve wanted for a couple of years is Emmanuel Sanders. He has actually bent me over a couple of times in the past but I’m more than comfortable with serving as my flex this year. Like I said earlier Thomas had a bad year last year and I think that will continue. I also think with a new QB the Broncos will rely on a lot of short game to get yards. Sanders thrives in the short passing game and I’m banking on another big year.

Like I said earlier I’m a big Cincinnati guy and that’s why I’m risking the Bungle defense. The line is possibly the best in the league and the LB core is experienced. The only if is the secondary, but we’ve invested a lot of top draft picks back there and I think Dre and Dennard are ready to step up.

Buccaneers K Roberto Aguayo 

I took that kicker Tampa bay drafted in the second round. If Tampa has that much faith, then so do I. Notable bench players I have are Tavon Austin who can be a solid flex. Frank Gore who while aging is a solid bye week replacement. The most interesting guy on my bench is Dallas QB Dak Prescott. Dak showed a lot of promise along with Elliot in the preseason and is Dallas’ guy for week one. I might even take a chance and start him week one but that’ll be a game time decision.

Any way you look at it I think my drafted team is poised to make a run and repeat, if they perform. But I know better than anyone that God will try and screw me and anything can happen within a season. So were in for an exciting year.