Episode 2: Week 1

How do I feel after getting blown out 132-77 and scoring the second least amount of points in my league this week? Well honestly it hurts. I had one person, ONE PERSON, score double digits this week. Nothing went right. I played against Luck- 35 points, AJ Green – 24 points, Demarco Murray- 17 points, and The man who won’t retire Larry Fitzgerald with 20 points. So let’s get this out of the way and go down the list on my side of the box score.

Drew Brees still has it.  30 points, could not ask for anything more. Obviously the Raiders are trash but Drew is still a lock to start for me week two against an improving Giants defense. No complaints from the QB spot. Side note Dak looked solid but I can’t see myself taking out Brees without an injury.
Running backs were not stellar. Like I’ve stated my hometown bias might be the death of me, but I was on cloud nine when Jeremey Hill ran in a 10 year or so TD. Long story short the experts said all week how good the Jets’ defense is and they were right. They stuffed Jeremy all game and he was only a salvageable start because of his red zone TD. I think his production could go up next week against Pittsburg for a couple reasons. 1. Big Ben is a rapist. 2. James Harrison is an old fart. 3. Their D line isn’t that impressive. 4. Maybe the guy will have something to prove after that one kinda bad thing he did against the Steelers in that playoff game. Lacy looked like his sophomore self. Seven points isn’t awful but it will not get it done for my RB one slot. If my waiver skills go through and I get Spencer Ware who had a monster game, Lacy might be on the sidelines for week 2. Also have Gore in my back pocket but he had 6 points this week so he might remain sidelined.

I stressed how big a role receivers play to my team. I spent my first two picks on young receivers looking to have monster seasons. My number 1 pick OBJ had a stellar 7 points against a Dallas defense that isn’t impressive. Eli Manning is the worst quarterback to ever win two superbowls. My greatest fear also come to fruition as Victor Cruz caught a TD and OBJ did not. Cruz used to be a start and a healthy Victor means less touches for Odell. Allen Robinson also had 7 points as basically every other guy on the team who can catch a touchdown did. I played Julius Thomas and he had no trouble finding the endzone while my second round draft pick

was held in check. We all saw Emmanuel Sanders have a disappointing night on Thursday leaving me with four points. It looks like the Broncos are going to be a very run heavy team. The silver lining is Sanders was their most targeted receiver so production should increase.

Gary Barnidge had a whopping 0 points! I was actually shocked to see that. I thought he was the guy in Cleveland but was only targeted twice. Some fantasy tool on ESPN said with Josh Mccown starting Barnidge’s targets should go up. That makes me feel a little better but in realty he probably will be awful the whole year and piss me off accordingly. Got Kly Rudolph on the bench so I might swap them this week.

Hometown bias led me to a defense that got pounded by the Jets all game and was only saved by a blocked field goal and a pick thrown right to a corner. 5 points by the Bengals D. The jets aren’t bad but the Steelers are better so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle Antonio Brown and Deangelo Williams. Random Kicker had 8 which is solid. Tampa looks like they can score a lot this year so I have confidence in numbers going up.

My bench did absolutely nothing. I was actually astonished by this outcome. Head to head I only outscored one of his players. His team was hot mine was extremely average. Pendng on some waiver wire pick ups well see who’s in my starting lineup this week. It’ll mostly look the same but I’ll keep you updated on Twitter. Hey, it’s a loooooong god damn season. Well bounce back we always do. Who Dey, fuck Pittsburg.