Episode 3: Week 2

In basically all aspects of sports I had a disappointing weekend. I won’t go deep into the Bengals right now but I’m pissed and will be until we beat Pittsburgh at home in December. Other than that Ohio lost to Tennessee, UC got embarrassed in the 4
th, Ohio state won, and worst of all I got whooped in fantasy for the second straight week. Now you might ask, Joe how can you be a credible fantasy source when you started out your league at 0-2? That’s a fair complaint, but this week’s loss had a silver lining. My bench played great I just made a couple bad judgement calls. Let’s hop right in.

Started Brees who had a disappointing 14. I thought after last year’s slugfest with the giants him and OBJ would go off. Well spoiler alert neither of them did. Drew has 4 points at half, a very disappointing drop off from last week’s 30. Playing against Cam Newton didn’t help, he had a huge day with 29 against the woeful 49er defense.

Jeremey Hill was disappointing with 5. After watching the Bengal’s game it’s obvious we have no run game or offensive line. My Cincinnati bias is hurting me and I’m starting to regret this Hill pick. Of course, the one in million game where the Bengals utilize Giovanni Bernard I play against him and he puts up 15. That’s three points more than Spencer Ware ad Jeremy Hill put up together. Ware had seven and was decently productive outside of a fumble. Gore had 11 and will probably slip his way into my lineup next week.

Like previously stated I thought OBJ was gonna go off again and he had a modest eight. He is still yet to find the endzone, which hurts but at least he’s putting up somewhat respectable numbers. Worst draft pick ever and most disappointing player on my team by far this year is Allen Robinson. Targeted five time with five points. I’m trying to deal him and Jeremy out but we shall see. It might be too early to jump ship on him, but I’m panicking on my second round pick. Meanwhile on my bench Fuller had 10 and Mike Wallace had 16. Wallace will probably start for me next week against Jacksonville.

Barnidge might be done. Three god damn points, c’mon Gary.  Rudolph had a TD and will definitely start next week for me. I always have a problem with the TE position. I just can’t seem to figure that position out. The Bengals defense keeps me hopeful because they had two picks, even if they still only managed four points. The Broncos love to run and I’m confident in Cincinnati’s run defense next week. Also I’ll be happy to start the Bengals defense with Emmanuel Sanders on my bench after another disappointing week with three points. My kicker had a big fat 0 which is great! The Buccaneers can’t score so that may be a problem.  I don’t fault them this week too hard considering they played a great Cardinals defense. Who, PS put up 23 points this week against me. There will be plenty of wavier moves this week. I have some research to do and a drawing board to go back too. You’ll be updated on Twitter of my moves so don’t fret. Starting out 0-2 hurts but it’s still early. WhoDey FuckPittsburgh