Episode 4: Week 3

My weekend included many personal ups and downs. For example, I sat three players who scored 20 plus points. The upside is that I still managed 93 points and got my first crucial win of the season. 0-3 may have been an insurmountable task but luckily I’m sitting high and mighty at 1-2. I’m on a roll and this is the turning point in my season. Don’t call it a comeback. Let’s get into it.

I had the option of starting both Monday night quarterbacks. Man having both the number 1 and number 2 ranked fantasy QB’s is a nice problem to have. I picked Matt Ryan after Brees disappointed me last week. Naturally Brees scored more on my bench with 25, but it’s hard to complain about Matt Ryan’s 19. Next week Brees will face a tough Carolina Defense while Matt Ryan has a decently favorable matchup against San Diego. I’ll be starting Ryan in week four, so far he’s a worthy wire pick up.

My backs actually did something this week wow! I was actually pissed when Jeremy hill eclipsed his previous two weeks scoring in the first drive of the Bengals game. Of course when I go against my Cincinnati bias and sit Jeremy he rattles off 2 TD’s and 21 points. Luckily I had solid performances out of my starting two backs. Frank the tank Gore who’s about 65 had a solid 14 point game. 21 touches and a TD, I’ll take that every week Frank. Lacy was actually decent as well. I played against Roger’s of course and after he put them up big the Pack grinded out the second half on the ground. No touchdown, but his firsts 100 yard game in September is a sign of good things to come. Packers have a bye so Lacy will be on my bench next to Spencer Ware. I just can’t see myself playing Ware much anymore with Jamaal Charles getting healthy. I’ll be starting Hill in Miami and Gore in Jacksonville. They both have potential for double digit games.

Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph

My first two draft picks did something what do ya know! OBJ, still yet to find the endzone put up a respectable 121 receiving yards on Josh Norman. Maybe he’s not performing like a number 1 should but I’ll take 12 points every week. Allen Robinson was a different story. After two week putting up 12 points he went for two TD’s and a 17. Thank God Bortles is targeting him in the red zone. It seemed like after the first two weeks he may have been a huge bust. Mike Wallace put up a disappointing 3 and I’m going with Sanders at flex. That’s right I’m back on the Sanders train after his nine catches and 23 points on my bench. Denver and Sanders exposed the Bengals defense and I’m hoping he can do the same against Tampa Bay.

Kyle Rudolph continues to be Bradford’s favorite target in the red zone and scored a TD for the second straight week. It seems Kyle has finally become a reliable Starting TE for fantasy and I couldn’t be happier. I dropped Barnidge because he’s a Brown and he sucks like that entire franchise. Bengals defense had a takeaway and another blocked PAT but alas ended up only getting me four points. I’m sticking with them for the Dolphins and I think they will score double digits. The Bengals are desperate for this win and I think the defense will step up. My kicker Santos had 6 but made his only field goal attempt. Not much to say or analyze about a kicker. Just gotta hope the Chiefs score.

Moral of the story is my team is back. We’re gonna rally from 0-2 and win the league. Stay tuned for a week four win.