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30 Years Ago: Reggie White Fights for Drunk Driving

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Article by Austin James

(I need to preface this article by stating that I am completely opposed to drunk driving in any situation.)

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the late NFL legend Reggie White declining the Defensive Player of the Year Award due to issues with its sponsor.

The award, sponsored by Miller Lite, was awarded to White for his outstanding season in which he recorded 18 sacks. However, he rejected the award because he had an issue with part of Miller Lite's advertising message. He is quoted below:

What in the hell is he trying to say here? I get the part about him wanting the best of both worlds (being able to both drink and drive) and doesn't want to settle for any less, but what in the hell is the "That advertising is hurting a lot of young people." line about? What Reggie White would you rather have the youth of America driving around pounding Reggie's (no pun intended) as opposed to driving sober? Maybe we should be teaching our kids to shotgun in driver's-ed?

I don't think anyone can't figure out what he meant in this article, but I can say one thing: I wish this would have happened in the Twitter era to watch him try to backtrack this one. You thought Lochte backtracking his story was interesting, imagine JJ Watt being cited with this quote; the reaction would be incredible.

All in all, Reggie White was one hell of a player, but maybe not the best role model.