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Bosa Temper Tantrum

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Article by Austin James

Well it is not August 24, and Joey Bosa is yet to sign his rookie contract.

18 days out from their season opener, the San Diego Chargers are still not willing to give into the demands of their first round draft pick. They have offered Bosa a four year rookie contract, and Bosa won't sign it. The issue lies in the signing bonus. Bosa either wants the entire signing bonus before the end of the year, or he wants all offset language removed from his contract. No this isn't a crazy demand considering that every previous No. 3 draft since 2011 (the beginning of the new CBA) has been able to have one of those two things. However the chargers won't budge, and Bosa isn't being helped by his former teammate No. 4 pick Ezekial Elliot and No. 2 Carson Wentz not demanding either of these things.

This is one of the biggest bonehead moves in the history of the NFL. Listen, I love Bosa, and, personally, I'd give the man whatever contract he wants because he has the potential to be a very impactful part of any defense. However, the Chargers disagree and aren't ready to make an exception to their standard of rookie contracts.

Its a shame, but that is really the end of the discussion. Bosa can't do anything about the contract. The longer he holds out the more reasons he gives the front office to take money off of the table. Bosa has no legs to stand on. He can either sign this contract or wait a year and go back into next years draft and not even sniff the amount of the contract he has in front of him now.

Listen Joey, Urban may have had a different approach to these kind of contract disputes, but this is the big league now. Sign your contract and go buy a nice scarlet and gray Lamborghini.